This Week’s Upload: A Few Oooh’s & A Few Ehhh’s

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

This gray weather needs to go away. Talk about going from a nice beautiful weekend in Florida to cold and gray back here in CT. I could SEE MY BREATH when I left the restaurant last night. Vinyasa scarf season is upon us, y’all. I’m already missing Epcot, its annual Food & Wine Festival is amazing and you all need to go. While down south, I snuck off to the Orlando outlet one morning, and managed to find a few lucky scores. Talk about winning the weekend.

Found the Spring Breakaway short in Black and a CRB in the blue digi lizard print for $29/ea. The white What the Sport Tee was a slightly pricier $44, but I’m a fan of them so I got it anyway. Gift cards FTW.

Biggest surprise? PLAIN BLACK HIGH TIMES PANTS for $79. I have no freaking clue how such a popular staple in a classic scheme could be chillin’ on a sale rack in such ample quantities, but they were. Not even in lame fringe sizes, I’m talking a bunch of 8’s just hanging out looking for a good home. So, if you’re in the general vicinity of Mickey Mouse and need a pair, head on over!

5 Faves & a Dud – 10/27/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback *Rulu ($42) in wee stripe bon bon bordeaux drama


One word that should sum up all the warm and fuzzy comfort in the world about this tank: rulu! Not sure how I’d feel about WOD-ing in rulu, but this one is a no-brainer for wearing to yoga or around the house.

Favorite #2: Lighten Up Bra ($48) in dramatic static white black/bon bon/flash light

Black, gray and barbie pink are a win win combination in my book all day long. Given the lack of support in the FTBWs, I’m still hesitant to fork over the cash for one of these. However, this colourway is leading me closer and closer to jumping off the ledge.

Favorite #3: Speed Tight IV *Lights Out ($148) in black/forage teal

Because SPARKLES! The forage teal waistband and the fun reflective detail on these tights are just enough jazz without being obnoxious, like the 100% reflective lulu jacket I bought a couple years ago (an Orlando outlet find, speak of the devil). If you’re going for the same look but don’t like pants, the Pace Rival Crop *Lights Out is here for you.

Favorite #4: Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) *Full-On Luon ($98) in wine berry


YAS. I mean, they could have been uploaded last week as my head was up in the Disney cloud, but I need to snag myself a pair of these before they’re gone. I’ve had my eye out for a plain hi-rise pair of maroon pants, and the only ones available were heathered bordeaux drama (too fuzzy casual) and cranberry (too red). Wine berry is the perfect middle man. Hi I’m Katy and I need these in my closet/life.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($68) in heathered ultra violet


Not going to lie, it was a struggle to choose a 5th favorite this week. However, Swiftly LS’s in fun colors are always an ol’ reliable pick, so here we go. Cute, striped, girly and not too light to get dirty super fast. I swear, all of my concerns about shirt dirt are remnants of my goalkeeping days when I used to come home covered in mud EVERY DAY.

The Dud: Drop It Like It’s Hot Leotard ($88) in dramatic static white black


I mean, you had to see this one coming, didn’t you? The black one isn’t so bad, but the lack of criss-cross straps in the back and some odd mesh placements all over the place lead this to be something I would never wear, even if you handed it to me free of charge on the way out the door of a warehouse sale. Yes, Sweat Cuffs, I’m talking to you.

The OTHER Dud: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew ($58) in heathered cosmic teal


Sorry lulu, but I do not want my shirt to look like a space teal version of a kitchen countertop. I just don’t.


    1. I don’t know, but I don’t like it! Thankfully they only wrecked a short sleeved one this week, which I don’t wear. Waters down the annoyance level just a hair.

  1. You destroyed/made my day pointing out the pretty speed tights (which I can’t wear at 5’1) are basically also available as pace rivals. I thought those were so pretty but wrote them off immediately because of my shortness. My heart thanks you, my wallet is a smidge annoyed. Odds are my heart wins this one because sparkles!

  2. Hey I was at the prudential in Boston tonight and they had the favorite #3 randomly on MD to $89. There were 3 size 8s and I grabbed one of them. Thought it was a great deal cheaper than the non reflective version so I won’t even feel bad if I wear them during the day. Thought I’d tell ya in case you might want a pair you can call them to send. I remembered them on your favorites 🙂 -Reya

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