1. Ughhh. In the hour that I missed this, all the good stuff must’ve been gone. Nothing that I see now makes me feel the need to whip out my card (or PayPal). Which is probably a good thing. I feel a twinge of disappointment, but reassuring myself that saving money is always a good thing.

    • It’s only been up for 30min or so. I am still scrolling up and down deciding on pulling the trigger on the few things I put in my cart. I am thinking on sleeping on it in hopes that some things will sell out overnight, saving me the headache of having to decide if I really need things or not. The only definite for me right now is a plain white 50 Rep Bra.

      • That’s the only thing I was eyeing too. ($24!) At the risk of sounding slightly ungrateful, last years’ sale was super good. This one had me feeling like they *really* needed to get rid of fugly items. Case in point: wake & flow shorts, for the yin pant, etc.

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