Sorry not sorry for the blog spam. But, big news like Games trips and LULULEMON WAREHOUSE SALES deserve the press. 

Banner is uploaded on the app but no merch yet. Get your credit cards ready!



  1. Ughhh. In the hour that I missed this, all the good stuff must’ve been gone. Nothing that I see now makes me feel the need to whip out my card (or PayPal). Which is probably a good thing. I feel a twinge of disappointment, but reassuring myself that saving money is always a good thing.


    • It’s only been up for 30min or so. I am still scrolling up and down deciding on pulling the trigger on the few things I put in my cart. I am thinking on sleeping on it in hopes that some things will sell out overnight, saving me the headache of having to decide if I really need things or not. The only definite for me right now is a plain white 50 Rep Bra.


      • That’s the only thing I was eyeing too. ($24!) At the risk of sounding slightly ungrateful, last years’ sale was super good. This one had me feeling like they *really* needed to get rid of fugly items. Case in point: wake & flow shorts, for the yin pant, etc.


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