What We Love: 7/16/15 (aka #thelateness)

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Work happens. Just ask thechive.com and be entertained. Lots of business travel means long days and little time for bloggery. Please don’t hate me. I gots things to do. Like one more business trip and a crap ton of laundry before going to THE CROSSFIT GAMES!!!

While they’re ridiculously late, here are my quick thoughts on what’s dropping tomorrow.

What We Love – 7/16/15

 Not spectacular but not bad either. Would make a decent basic piece if you live in a gross hot climate. Nowadays, that’s anywhere but Alaska.   

I really enjoy the color blocking used in these! I wonder how high the rise is. If these are like High Times, my budget is in trouble. 

In other news, my nostrils are in trouble. There’s a family in the row behind me on this plane that thinks McDonald’s is an acceptable meal to bring into a confined space with recycled air. It’s not. 

Swiftly Racerback: I see you over there getting down with my 7th grade self on the tie dye, lulu. I see you. Not my 29 year old self’s cup of tea, but I like the effort at fun. 

As for the Split Second Short, at first look at these, it seems like you’ve got to have a lot of confidence and no reservations about your ass hanging out in order to rock these shorts. 


Superb Bra: I LIKE. It’s like the Energy Bra’s sophisticated older sister that seriously takes ballet class. 

Inner Essence SS: ANOTHER perfect basic. I like the slightly longer sleeves. Want.

Devout SS: some may take it, I’ll choose to leave it. The open backs look way too drapey in front On me.

I own the Cyber Stripe Silver Fox High Times Zips. (You know, the ones with the stripes that actually align.) They’re too similar for me to buy these special edition Wunder Unders too, but I LOVE these.

More Dottie Dash. LULULEMON, STOP IT. 


  1. I’m with you on the dottie dash. Have you seen the ace spot / dottie dash Happy Strappy tank on the Hong Kong site? I almost threw up when I saw it.

    1. Aghh I agree with you on that one, it’s just so BAD! I’m not sure what’s worse, the brownish dottie dash or that pattern from late last summer that looked like a bad countertop. Desert stone or something… It was so bad I clearly didn’t make room for the official color name in my memory 🙂

  2. Oof. That bra is SO PRETTY. Have you ever gotten anything in the practice stretch cotton? How does it compare to the fabric in, say, the FTBW?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Unfortunately I don’t own anything in that fabric, so I can’t really make a comparison. I’m more of a CrossFitter than a yogi, so I tend to shy away from cotton pieces.

      1. Well, after inquiring at the Baltimore store regarding the fabric, I was encouraged to buy my normal size–will let you know how I fare. I’m like you in that I lift heavy things but I’m sold on any lounge-y bra that is described as a hug.

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