Guess Who’s Going to the CrossFit Games?

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The CrossFit games first caught my attention in 2012. Commercials featuring Iceland Annie in the latest Reebok kicks were running on tv for months prior, and I was curious what this CrossFit thing was all about.

Having first learned about CrossFit in 2011, I remained intimidated by its intensity, despite having been a D1 athlete in college. I went along my merry way taking boot camp classes at my corporate gym for the next year, always pondering what CrossFit would be like. A box opened up in the next town over, and a few trainers from work got their L1s and began coaching there. 2012 comes, July rolls around. I posted up with my iPad and watched the CrossFit Games nonstop.

I still remember watching Games events like the Double Banger and the workout that included rope climbs & sled pushes on the field inside the small track stadium. Shoot, it was still called the Home Depot Center back then. All I knew was that it was incredibly fun to watch. It was more fun to me to watch the Games from an office trailer in the middle of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, instead of the stock cars that were zooming around outside trying to win the Brickyard 400 at the same time.

Julie Foucher competing in the Double Banger in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games
Julie Foucher competing in the Double Banger in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

I couldn’t hold out any longer. After watching the 2012 Games, seeing the community and excitement that surrounded the event, I knew I had to get in on whatever this CrossFit thing was. The day I got home from Indianapolis, I walked into to what would eventually become my home away from home, and signed up for CrossFit.

The Games were the turning point for me, and I’ve watched for years, always wondering what it would be like to be part of the party in the stands, watching the best on earth competing against one another. Regionals are so much fun, I can only imagine what the Games are like.

Vintage gingham luon.
Vintage gingham luon.

Well, wait I will no more. My plane ticket and room have been booked, and I am beyond excited that my boss approved my last-minute vacation plan (literally hatched overnight) to fly myself out to LA and GO TO THE CROSSFIT GAMES.

Words cannot accurately express how excited I was when she approved my time off from work, but these subsequent selfies of excitement may:

SelfieGridCrazy eyes. Unfiltered elation. Extreme Excitement: CrossFit Games Edition. Whatever you want to call it…


Now, I know I’ve got a few readers and Instagram followers who are from the area, now who’s making the trip to Carson?!

Gah I’m all giddy excited talking about it. Wooooooo!


  1. I’ll be there! This is my second year, last year was AMAZEBALLS and this year, since I’m much more interested in the teams than I was last year, should be super fun too! I PR’ed my Fran and got new Nano 4.0s for free last year too. Cannot wait!!!! Also, bring lots of sunscreen. and minimal clothes. and all the abs. 🙂 And let’s meet up if you’re looking for people to hang out with!

    1. Hi hi!! Sorry for not having responded earlier. I am packing my luon-filled suitcase right now and we should definitely meet up so we can watch some kickass CrossFit and I can thank you for being a L&TB reader in person! 🙂 Drop me a line at and let me know when you’re going to be there! I’ll be around all weekend.

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