Review & Photos: lululemon Boxy Cotton-Blend Sweater


One clothing item that we’ve probably all forgotten about in this new era of WFH is sweaters. They’re the cozy, well-put-together older sister of sweatshirts that we all stopped wearing as soon as you didn’t have to get out of the house and look respectable NEARLY as often.

Welp, my new job means I work from a lot of places, and need to look respectable in the process. So yeah, sweaters are coming off the bench and back into play.

lululemon Boxy Cotton-Blend Sweater ($118) in Heathered Vintage Plum

Note: I am 5’9″ and wearing size M/L. This post contains affiliate links.

Fit & Length

I’m a tall person with a long torso, so some mid-length items look a bit more on the cropped side than others. Luckily, there is enough length in the body for me to do a little bit of a French tuck into Aligns or other higher rise pants.

However, as soon as I reach up high for anything, some of that length is lost. Not enough for me to feel like the fit isn’t right for me, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it without a layer underneath.

The mock neck has plenty of room, so not only will you not feel choked out, it’s okay to do your hair and makeup before putting it on. This also means your makeup won’t be rubbing off on your collar all day long. Winning all around.

The only thing for taller women to beware of is the sleeve length. When I tried this one on in store, the sleeves were cuffed to make it a look, and I decided to go with it. Since I’ve been wearing this in exclusively cold environments, I’ve always worn a Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve underneath.

Without the cuff, you may feel like they hit in a slightly awkward spot. But I like the cuff, so there.

Design Details

The design itself is pretty straightforward. No secret loops or pockets to be found. It’s a sweater.

The Fabric

It’s a 55% Cotton, 45% Nylon blend, so you’ve got the best of both worlds. Doesn’t feel too synthetic. The purple is heathered, so if there’s a little bit of fuzzing down the road due to the cotton, it’s going to look worn in all the right and well-loved ways. (Think of your favorite flannels!)


Pay no attention to my face. Pay all the attention to the sweater.

The Verdict

Am I glad that I bought it? Yes. In the 3 weeks I’ve owned it, I’ve worn it at least 5x. The Boxy Cotton Blend Sweater a perfectly stylish layer to throw over your Swiftly + Align uniform to instantly make it look like you took the time to STYLE yourself. Win.

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