5 Faves & a Dud: Almost Blacked Out For a Sec


Oh September, it’s you. I’m not sure how I feel about this all, given that I’m still waiting to emerge from COVID winter and have a nice Spring. While not the neon onslaught I had crossed my fingers for, there is still a lot going on with lululemon’s What’s New page this week. There are a few colors for everyone, yet somehow the majority of my picks are black on black on black.

5 Faves & a Dud: 9/1/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve 2.0 Love ($68) in Black/Rainbow

This rainbow woven Love Swiftly began popping up in stores a few days ago. This is one heathered look I can get behind, and I’m not the only one. Several sizes have sold out already.

I’ve been going a little HAM on the lulu lately so I told myself I’d hold back unless it came out in a long sleeved version. My money lives to see another week in the bank.

Favorite #2: Zoned In High Rise Crop 23″ ($138) in Black

October 8, 2019… I said about the Zoned in Tight: “If they came in a cropped version, the F&Fs would easily move down to second place on my warm weather run list.”

Time to put my money where my arse is.

Favorite #3: Fast and Free 2-in-1 Short Elite ($88) in Black

Every once in a while a pick makes it into the top 5 that I don’t exactly understand how or why my attention is piqued, but it is. I feel like I may have a chance at making these work, even though the only thing elite thing about me is my ability to sniff out snacks.

Favorite #4: Wunder Train Cropped Long Sleeve ($88) in Black

If I weren’t so good at snacking, I’d probably have added this to my cart and pulled the trigger already. The chocolate chip cookies in catering, I’m telling you. Some of the best I’ve ever had and saying no is OH JUST ABOUT IMPOSSIBLE because I am a weaksauce human.

Favorite #5: Dynamic Movement Short ($98) in Bronze Green

Analysis paralysis set in on this one. I like the tactical texture of the Dynamic Movement Capsule, and first couldn’t decide which piece I’d feature in the top spot. I’d really like to see these shorts in person to see what the thickness and insulation situation are.

They could be a fun play on boring hiking shorts or… they could look like I chose to don packing materials and/or a sleeping bag and call it fashion. We will never know the answer until I find these and a fitting room.

Ah, the fitting room. I miss that place. I haven’t been in almost 6 months.

The Dud: Speed Up Short ($58) in Heather Lux Multi Hazel Green/Hazel Green

Shout out to this heathered snot green colorway for being a hard pass. This week’s decision was an easy one.

But of course there’s more…

It’s the first upload of the month, and without much rhyme or reason there are still plenty of new items to pay attention to. Styles and colors are a bit all over the place, which means there’s something for almost everyone.

Diamond Dye Graphite Grey Pink Pastel. In can’t tell if I like it or not. The Big Lemon is banking on the majority of us falling on team “I fucking love it”, because we have a decent smattering of options that dropped this week.

Keeping with the “what the hell just dye it” trend, several more Game Day options appeared in recent days above and beyond last week’s Fast & Frees, Flow Y Bra and Hooded Define.

Aaaand the accessories for all of your “it’s football day and I’m watching from the couch but I still want to represent” needs… the following accessories dropped in both red and blue options:

Alright. Enough of the dyed things.

  • I don’t yet own the Time to Sweat Crop, and the Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi makes me wonder if it’s about that time.
  • So the Always There Trenchcoat. I, for one, and here for it. Here waiting with crossed fingers that it hits WMTM and I an save a Benjamin and then some on it.
  • Add the Crosshatch Texture Magnet Grey Multi/Magnet Grey Here to There High-Rise 7/8 Pant to the errday pant lineup. Thank heavens for copy pasta on that one.

Eesh, that was a long post. I’m tired now.

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  1. I had a bday gift card so I felt that I could justify the Rainbow swiftly. At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t ls but as I look into my closet filled with ls swiftlies that I am always too damn hot to wear, I think I will get a ton of use out of this one.

    Isn’t that new green just Grape Leaf?

  2. I am excited about the Amber Orange returning as well! I have a pair of Run Times shorts in this color and love love love them! Hoping for an Energy Bra in this color….

  3. I picked up the rainbow Swiftly tank in-store last week! It’s my first 2.0….and I don’t love the redesign, but it’s just so dang beautiful. I’m surprised only the SS uploaded.

    I was obsessed with Vivid Amber 2 (?) years ago and am happy to see its sister making an entrance! More please!

  4. The rainbow tank made it to wmtm today and I snagged one! Missed out on the ss.

    Zoned in crop. Zoned compression where exactly? Like tight stuff tights were?

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