5 Faves & a Dud: Pop Lock Restock It

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I opened up a can of worms with the post’s title, so let’s just GET ON WITH IT and throw us all back to our frat party days. Or MY days. Somewhere in Syracuse in 2006, I was probably drinking and dancing like an idiot to this song… a LOT.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN you’re not here to bust some sweet moves or be reminded of an easily preventable hangover from your 20’s? I’m sure this throwback of me sitting on the ground in Krystle’s backyard 13 years ago was from a night that PROBABLY led to one of those aforementioned hangovers.

2006: Disney princesses on the plate from a party at Krystle’s, and go figure Krystle and I are running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon together at Disney in a few weeks… so it’s all relevant. We’ve matured.

Now that the throwback is out of the way and am now jonesing for a piece of cake… let’s move on to this week’s new pile of lululemon.

This week lulu is serving up lots of lab items, a ton of incognito camo, and a few other items that made me think of the whole restock pun in the first place.

5 Faves & a Dud: 10/8/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Free to Be Bra *Wild Long Line ($58) in Marvel

This color makes me so happy. That is all.

Favorite #2: See the Horizon Tank ($48) in Black

Maybe I’d wear a mock turtleneck to yoga if I actually went to yoga class. Maybe not. What I’m thinking here is work clothes. Layer it under a blazer and keep cool. Also comes in rustic clay and white.

Favorite #3: Align Pant II 25″ ($98) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey

One of those restocks I mentioned earlier. I wear mine ALL THE TIME, but by the lack of photos that exist of me in said pants, I’m lacking in that quality content. Then again, if I’m wearing camo would you even be able to see me? Ugh I’m such a dad joke sometimes.

Favorite #4: Ready to Rulu Hoodie *Reflective ($138) in Dimension Dot Heathered Black Silver Reflective

Lights, camera HOODIE for the mornings and evenings that you need to be in action a little before sunrise or after sunset, because, well… W i N t E r  i S  c O m I n G 🙄

I feel like Seawheeze has conditioned me to pause and go OOOH AHH over anything with the word reflective in the item name. But, I admittedly wear my reflective gear when I’ve got to run outside at dusk. Safety first, cardio second.

Favorite #5: Zoned In Tight ($148)

Saving the best for last, I am. I absolutely LOVE the Zoned In Tights that I picked up last year. For working out, they honestly blow any other run tight I own out of the water. The compression and breathability are top notch, and they stay put.

If they came in a cropped version, the F&Fs would easily move down to second place on my warm weather run list. As soon as it gets cool enough outside for tights, these are my UNDISPUTED number one, and worth every penny. [Read my 2018 Review]

The Dud: Reveal Onesie *En Avante ($128) in Plumful

Ok find a full length photo of a camel. Now zoom in on its feet. THAT is what anyone above a size 2 will look like if they don this jumpsuit in a light shade that shows shadows.

Oh, Honey No…

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed in honeycomb when my birthday pile of treat yo self arrived this past weekend. BUYER BEWARE if you’re lured in by how glorious and marigolden you think these pieces will be. I opened up and it was almost if a tan M&M (ok wow another throwback) and a lemon got together and made clothing dye.

Honeycomb simply does not work on blondies like me. Women with darker features may just rock it. With the exception of the Define Jacket, all of the models in this color have been the opposite of fair. The stylists know what they’re doing, but fairer women may be in for a surprise. If you’re okay with a darker mustard tone, have at it!

Camo Whammo

When in doubt, camo it out. There are oodles of options to run around in incognito camo both grey and gator green, and I’m starting to lose count on the items that I’ve already succumbed to over the last yearlong camo craze.

ICM Grey
ICM Gator Green

New But Not Camo

There are other new things, I swear. A roundup of miscellany, if you will…

  • The Short Sweet and Sherpa Jacket is guaranteed to be a bury your face in it hell of a good time this winter.
  • For $78 the Hold True Bra better hold a lot more for you than just the girls. Maybe your latte when you need an extra hand in the morning?
  • Jacquard Camo Cotton Obsidian/Black bringing the edgy gal vibes to the studio with The Yoga Mat Bag *16L
  • This year’s Rest Less Pullover comes in black, white, moonwalk & marvel ❤️

OMG We’re Back Again

*Restrains self from making Backstreet Boys joke because I totally did in a recent blog post I just know I did*

Bunsen & Beaker

Also seeing a fresh batch of androgyny coming out of the lululemon lab collection this week.

Is anyone interested in lab lately? Some of the designs of years ago used to intrigue me, but ever since the collection was made available online, there hasn’t been much that’s piqued my interest. This run, especially, has been quite shapeless.

WOW this post went long. All that and I’m not even ordering anything. Mainly because I’m sitting here super magic happy in my Mini Space Dye Herringbone Heathered Black White/Black (copy pasta again) Align Pant II and life is flattering and good.

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  1. Unless it sold out right away we didn’t get the ready to rulu relflective hoodie in Canada- I sure hope that comes out for us next week! Big fan of rulu and even bigger fan of all-over reflective!

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