2019 SeaWheeze Showcase: Online Exclusives


Lululemon has done gone and did the thing where any Josephina Schmo could search SeaWheeze on Lululemon’s main site and get at all the exclusive gear before the email came out. It should be coming out for in person runners as I type this right now, and for the virtual runners in about an hour.

I found and saved the photos, but I am not about to add to cart or attempt to check out before I receive the legitimate email in my inbox. I am not going to be shady for a shirt, and I truly hope that lululemon is policing ALL orders containing SeaWheeze gear placed prior to 11:00a PST and cancelling them. Any orders placed AFTER the email is sent out need to be cross-referenced to confirm race registration before they are shipped. IMHO, it’s the only way to protect the integrity of the exclusive shop. //end rant

2019 SeaWheeze Online Showcase: Women’s Collection

I looked, I didn’t touch. Here it all is. If anything is left by the time we virtual peons get invited to the party, I’d go for neo blue.

Swiftly Speed Racerback / Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve

White/White/Multi Dye Blue Yellow

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve / Stash N’ Run Bra

Neo Blue

The Rain is Calling Jacket / Energy Bra / Speed Wunder Tight / Speed Up Short

Fractal Forest Pink Multi

Love Tank II *SW

White / Sonic Pink / Deep Cove

Love Crew III *SW

White / Hyper Blue / Royal Ruby

2019 SeaWheeze Online Showcase: Men’s Collection

…aaaand now time for the Men! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love neo blue, but I’m not going to lie. The men really won out with the map print.

Fast and Free Short Sleeve / Fast and Free Tank / Lightspeed Run Hat / Cruiser Backpack 22L / Surge Short Linerless 6″

City Limits Multi

Active Jacket / Surge Short 4″ Liner

Mint Tint

5 Year Basic Tee / 5 Year Basic Tank

Black & White

Okay so now it’s officially time for the Virtual Runner shopping link. I have no shopping link. Not sure it matters, I don’t think anything is going to be left in my size anyway. Seeing a bunch of tweets that registered runners haven’t received their emails, and also people unable to check out.

Come on lululemon. You haven’t figure this out yet?! Oy.

If you need me, I’ll be over on Twitter making a little bit of noise about this whole thing. Feel free to chime in on the thread to see if we can get an explanation from HQ about what they’re doing to keep things “exclusive” for those who are registered in either race and who patiently waited their turn, refusing to cheat the system.

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  1. I’m a registered SeaWheeze runner and I have not received my email link yet. I think everything is sold out, anyway. What a bummer!

      1. What’s the point of giving runners a head start on virtual runners when you open the doors to the public before you even send out the invitations? Whomp whomp

  2. I just checked… looks like most things are sold out already… plus everything looks so meh…it’s like LLL didn’t even try this year. What a disappointment. Was really happy about the virtual option but just like the Crossfit Games this year, I am over it.

    1. I admit… I’ve been streaming the Games all day, but after seeing the collection and seeing a few pieces go super quick, I haven’t even placed an order yet. The fractal doesn’t seem very Seawheezy to me.

  3. I am running in Vancouver and I *still* haven’t received an email. 1:16 PST now.
    I can’t believe the e-commerce team made so MANY big mistakes on this. After all the drama in years past you’d think they would be buttoned up. Ridiculous.

    1. I fully agree. At first I was optimistic because they anticipated a delay and let us know hours in advance… but then when it was go time, the wheels fell off.

  4. Thanks for the photos. I agree that the Neo blue and the men’s print were the best items.
    Lululemon should really have a system in place for their Seawheeze gear. 🙄

  5. Interesting that Canada did not get the rain is calling jacket or the men’s mint tint shorts, unless they sold out VERY quickly here, I got my email 11 after the hour and was right on it!

  6. It seems like not much innovation went into this year’s “theme.” It’s unclear to me if there even is a distinct theme. I feel like we’ve seen versions of this all before, but in different colors…the city print from a few years back, an old SW logo, the fractal print is familiar too. I do like the fractal print and the men’s neon city print. I really liked the tie-dyed looking swiftlys. It makes me want to buy a white SS and have at it with a sponge and some dye. The neo blue is beautiful as well.

    It will be interesting to see if there is some kind of cohesive theme at the showcase store. I know not every theme was a winner, but at least, it kept things interesting. Maybe the days of mermaids, 3D shorts, bugs and viruses are long gone?

    1. There’s a little bit of neon and tie dye to keep on trend, but the previews I’ve seen seems far less seawheezy. The bras should have fun contrasting straps. Color block panels. Prints that are completely off the wall. It feels like 2015 was the last time the showcase collection was truly in yo face exclusive and distinct.

  7. Phew – no FOMO because those colors/patterns aren’t doing it for me. Still – runners should get first crack. It would be much smarter of them to take any leftover items after race day and instead of sending them to the outlet – put those on the website. Not that I mind picking up some seawheeze who done it bras, speed shorts and swiftly tanks from a few years ago but it feels like they’d do much better hyping it on the website.

    1. They came around with the lab pieces, but I’m not sure if the leftovers will ever appear online. That would make it even EASIER for ebay and posh resellers to access. I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I see a NWT listing on Posh for original price on something that was CLEARLY snagged from an outlet or WMTM.

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