Lululemon Enlite Hydraffinity Vest: Bladder Options


So last night, we all scratched our heads at why lululemon would market the Enlite Hydraffinity Vest and then drop the bomb in the fine print that it doesn’t actually come with a hydration bladder. After some further deep diving into the even finer print, I found that it’s engineered to be compatible with a 1.5L hydration bladder. If you’re interested in giving lululemon’s newest invention a go, you may want to rock & roll on over to Amazon and Prime yourself up one of these:

I have a CamelBak and two Osprey hydration packs, and can’t speak for Solomon. Turns out that the least expensive option is the one that I’d personally choose, the Osprey. I like how the Osprey mouthpiece’s hydraulic design has a bit of a seal on it when you’re not drinking, and have been very happy with the quality of their products in the last few years.

I’m still riding on the fence if it’s worth the $$$ to try this new vest out. If anyone ends up going for it, I’d love to hear about how you dislike or absolutely love the vest once you’re able to take it out for a few miles! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for that info, Katy! I think my smaller Osprey bladder is 1.5 liters but I’m too lazy to go check for sure. I use a hydration device only for hiking (I run in an urban area with plentiful water sources). I will stick to my REI backpack because I can fit both the bladder and snacks!

  2. I’m intrigued by how close-fitting and lightweight it is, but I’m balking at the price too, which is nearly 2x my Osprey *and* no reservoir. I’m also confused at why the weight isn’t listed. If that’s a key selling point, I can’t compare it with the weight of my existing vests to find out how much it’s *really* worth it.

    Also, not clear if it has any place to put my phone. That’s half the point of wearing a vest, so I can save my side-pocket-pants for short run days. 😛 #opsrey4lyfe

    1. Only pocket that can fit a phone is the one you can’t reach when you’re running #whompwhomp

      I didn’t bring my scale with me into the fitting room (😜), but it did feel much lighter than my Osprey.

  3. Sticking with my Nathan VaporAiress pack which is super light at 8oz, tons of storage and 2L bladder.

  4. Functionality aside, I feel like it legit looks like she’s wearing a sports bra on the outside of her shirt so….it’s a no for me.

  5. Yeah…. hard pass. Sticking with my Osprey, which is super lightweight and doesn’t look like a bold, binding sports bra. Maybe they should have done light grey or something that didn’t look so it would minimize the “strap ’em down” look.

    1. I’m ok with the black, given how sweat stains aren’t the best look – and if you’re in need of a hydration pack in the first place then chances are you’ll be a sweaty mess.

      1. So would you/could you use the vest in place of ( or as a replacement for ) a sports running bra?! If yes
        I would be more inclined to purchase (and would welcome the less is more clothing option for summer runs )

  6. Do you think this bra would work under a tank top? I don’t love the look of it over a shirt, but if I could wear it under a shirt and still access the hydration bladder easily I would like this.

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