My SeaWheeze 2020 Haul (Updated 8/12 1:45p ET)


I’ve received this question on multiple platforms – so after the dust has settled and IF and ONLY IF all of my random haphazard orders go through… here’s what I will hopefully end up with! Will update post if I fall victim to restocks (AHEM LONG SLEEVE SWIFTLY WHERE ARE YOU).

  • Fast and Free Tight II 25″ Race Pace Flare Multi / $128 / Status: Shipped
  • Fast and Free Women’s Run Hat / $48 – I feel like I’m going to be wearing a lot of hats at work this fall (aka lazy & dry shampoo b/c I’m about to go into a bubble for a MONTH and limited f*cks will be given about my appearance. / Status: Shipped
  • Fast and Free Women’s Run Hat Reflective / $98 – Last post I said “I thought about it and then came to my senses” and then IDGAF took over and I wanted one. / Status: Shipped
  • Energy Bra High Neck – Race Pace Flare Multi / $64 – Been digging the high neck bras as “shirts” lately in this summer heat. / Status: Shipped
  • Sculpt Tank – Lazurite / $58 – Total crapshoot. Couldn’t check out while logged into my account, but a Hail Mary tap of the Apple Pay button in mobile web actually generated an order confirmation. / Status: Shipped
  • Pace Rival Crop Hi-Rise 22″ – Race Pace Flare Multi / $88 – Got these before I found the Fast and Frees, which TBH I will wear more, but FOMO. / Status: Shipped
  • Wunder Under High-Rise Pant 25″ – Fast Lane Purple Multi / $108 – Go figure I was bummed on missing out on the Tracker Shorts… WHEN I DON’T EVEN LOVE THE FIT AND FEEL OF TRACKER SHORTS. But I did get these WUPs for a slick snowboarding base layer. Both the Long Line Energy Bra and Trackers sold out from right in my cart when the website was glitching hard, so I feel lucky to have gotten a confirmed order on these. / Status: Shipped

8/12/20 UPDATE: The Fast & Free Crops have finally uploaded! 🥳


  1. I ordered every single thing via apple pay. Ever GD time I log into my account, the cart repopulates (and I’m not kidding) 67 items that I KEEP DELETING over and over again (I saw recently yours does this too, and consensus on the lulu babble board on facebook, is it does it to everyone). So I placed 6 orders all by apple pay, all one at a time. I’ve also had one item sell out so the entire order is cancelled, during promotions, so at least if something is cancelled, they won’t cancel the entire order like I’ve had happen before.

    Also, me too on the PO’ed at the long sleeve swiftly(s) never showed up. I know I will miss out on them as I don’t live on the website, or on facebook where people will alert us. Whomp whomp

    1. 67! Eesh – I was stuck at 11 for a while then it went to 13. I went and cleaned out my cart on every device I had to prevent that from happening and it still did. Next time I’m going with Apple Pay all day.

      Whatever e-commerce framework they switched to in the last 365 days provides a garbage customer experience.

      1. With apologies to my FedEx driver, I did the same with Apple Pay to circumvent cart issues and speed up the ordering. It worked marvelously.

  2. I’m shocked you didn’t jump on those reflective pants, but woof, that price! Excited to see what you end up with and how you like it all.

    1. Yup! Just ran inside from grabbing lunch and was able to score a pair! I already have Jet Stream and Aeon but I know I’ll wear them! If the race took place in person, they’d have been my RACIN’ CROPS this weekend!

      1. So tempted to order the Flare Multi in the F&F crops! I bought the print in Pace Rivals yesterday, but I love the look of the F&Fs better. I don’t really want to deal with selling the Pace Rivals though, so I keep telling myself not to buy.

        I’m really thinking I want the illusionary print Scuba. At first, I thought maybe it was too crazy, but the more I look at it, the more I love the whole “hidden eye” thing where the Seawheeze letters pop out at you. I’ve got it in my cart. Hmm…..decisions, decisions.

  3. I am with you on the Trackers. I really don’t like that style but those shorts were my #1 item (and at one point I thought only item)… totally missed out.

    1. Whomp! I am more upset about the Energy Bra selling out while I got glitched out on the website. I should be able to get my hands on the WUPs tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are everything I dreamed of and more.

      1. Oooh, good to know! I was beginning to think the one pictured was a sample item just for the stock photos.

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