5 Faves & a Dud: The Week Late Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

COVID is trying to keep the world from its regularly scheduled rotation, but somehow I find myself out a hot 30 hours of free time that I’ve been used to having all summer long… aka Katy is back out on the road and apparently having trouble writing about cute outfits on Tuesdays. So here are last week’s (back dated the post for organization’s sake but it’s 8/25 as I type) favorites before this evening’s lululemon upload pushes me even MORE behind schedule.

If I’m doing anything, I’m working on keeping my COVID test batting average up. So far 3/3. I’ve been through a spit test, a shallow up your nose test, and a “hey now you went UP my nose and made me tear up” test. Negative thoughts. Going to keep on thinking NEGATIVE thoughts… the hell with positive vibes 😂

5 Faves & a Dud: 8/18/20 Late Edition

Favorite #1: Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48) in Pink Highlight

Good for my wallet but bad for the too slow FOMO that Size 8 has already sold out in this color. I am HERE for pink highlight (picked up the Speed Up *Longs a couple weeks ago) and so yeah. I want. I don’t need. The more items that upload in Pink Highlight, my ability to resist is worn down. If they upload a TALL Pace Rival Skirt in PH tonight, it’s going to be MINE.

Favorite #2: City Adventurer Backpack Nano ($34) in Pink Highlight/Cerulean Blue/Highlight Yellow

Keeping with the neon love affair, this head-scratching accessory 100% reminds me of something I would have loved to get from Claire’s or the Limited Too for my stuffed unicorn at the ripe old age of 12.

Spoiler Alert: I’m 34 and that’s kind of sort of what I did earlier this week. Just kidding. Not kidding. Like I said, I’m back out on the road. I don’t even know what day it is anymore. my life is Groundhog Day. All days are the same. This is how I keep myself amused.

Favorite #3: Pace Rival Skirt (Tall) ($68) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey/Black

I need a really good reason why I shouldn’t get this skirt, but I’m coming up short. The only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger is hope that Pink Highlight is coming up next.

Favorite #4: City Sleek 5-Pocket Pant 30″ ($128) in Black

Finally! Someone at lulu HQ realized that Athleta has been kicking their nulu-clad butts when it came to every day casual. I mourned &Go for a while, and then went down the mall version of the hall to Athleta. Fell in love, spent a ton of money.

Despite quarantine and judging by their overwhelming prevalence in fitpics on lulu reddit, not everyone is living in Align Pants and Align Tanks. Hello real pants, I’m glad to see you come back around.

Favorite #5: Hotty Hot Short II Long ($58) in Highlight Orange


The Dud: SeaWheeze 2020 Fast & Free Crops in Lazurite

I absolutely LOVE the color Lazurite, and was beyond stoked to receive my SW20 F&Fs last week. After work, I ripped them out of the package and immediately put them on. I proceeded to impulsively sign up for and complete the SeaWheeze 10K. I ran up and down the same stretch of road, dodging rottweilers & weirdos, 9x to complete the distance.

It was the first half decent run I’d had in a little bit, so I ended up with a bit of a Friday night runner’s high. Then I checked myself in the mirror when I got back to my room. Never have I ever until Friday night had experienced sweat marks that made it look I peed my pants. Fun.

If only that were all, folks… I went and sat down on the bed in my room to take my shoes off and happily post my details on Strava. Afterwards I stood up, looked down… purple dye had transferred from my rear end to the white bedspread that I had only been sitting on for two minutes, tops. 😳

I headed on over to the Twitter machine to let lululemon know. Thankfully, they graciously refunded me the price of the crops and offered a $30 gift card on top of it.

So now… Fluffy the Unicorn is getting a $4 backpack. #math

From the Soap Box

  • I do not understand the following items:
    • Court Rival High Rise Skirt Tall – This is another item lulu reddit loses its mind over. I can see the appeal with some of the solid colors, but the only reason this print sold out already is because of the skirt, not the pattern. IMHO the pattern just ain’t that cute.
    • The Incognito Camo Pink Taupe Multi/Pink Taupe Speed Up Short Long 4″ – No amount of camo can make me like this much dusty pink. Make it stop.
    • Set Challenger High Rise Tight – Now accepting bets on how long before this shows up on WMTM.
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  1. LOL—I’m “working,” so I had iPhone speak this post to me. It made it twice as entertaining! Sorry about your SW F&Fs. The whole SW thing this year is a dud.

  2. I got the pink highlight tall pace rival at the 5th avenue store last week! Wore it to play tennis and am obsessed. Had also gotten the play off the pleats skirt a month ago but love the length of the tall pace rival so much more.

    That’s so sad about the lazurite Fast & Frees! Glad they gave you something back.

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