The Fitting Room: Lululemon x SoulCycle


Just 12 hours after touching down in Connecticut after being away for WEEKS (pretty sure the neighbors thought I moved bc the Facebook algorithm sure thought I did), where did I find myself? In two of my happy places one after the other, the gym and Lululemon.

I used to be hardcore into spinning, to the point of co-founding a charity spinathon with a team of people from my old gym years ago. While I’m no longer involved (work and travel became too much to keep the event as part of my work/life balance), I admittedly miss the bike. I can hear my spin shoes calling from the closet, like HEY YOU, USE ME.

My CrossFit gym relocated in the last 6 months and added a cycling studio, and with how much franchises like SoulCycle and CycleBar are trending right now, this collab and a desire to mix my fitness routine up may be just what it takes to push me over the edge and back in the seat.

Disclosure: the wonderful team at lululemon Westfarms invited me in to take the lululemon x SoulCycle gear for a spin (ha!), and I did receive a complimentary outfit from the collection. As always, any notes below are 100% my own unbiased opinion.

The Fitting Room: Lululemon x SoulCycle

Not gonna lie, when I got to my store I was a little bummed the crazy frilled lizard jacket was not in stock… you and I both know it would have been an AMAZING boomerang for the gram. The full collection wasn’t available locally, but I tried any and everything on that my local store had in stock that was NOT that adobe dust color. It’s beige, I’m beige, it would have been a no good look for me or the outfit. Instead, I stuck with mostly blacks, grays and that gorgeous ruby red.


Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank ($58) in Luminosity Foil Print Heathered Black BlackRide & Reflect Tight 28″ ($128) in Black

Throughout the collection, I found that mobility and ventilation appear to be the designers’ top priorities. I must admit that when it comes to spin class… I’m one of those sweaty people. Sorry. Hydration is key, amirite?

I totally dig the air flow and how none of the pieces in the SoulCycle collection felt constricting, tights and bras included.

I was a bit skeptical on the Ride & Reflect Tights when I first saw them online, and even heading into the fitting room. I love lulu because of their inconspicuous branding, and so I wasn’t sure how these would work out. A huge LULULEMON runs down the left leg, and a huge SOULCYCLE down the right. Thankfully, you can’t really see the letters down the side until you use the flash on your camera. The laser cut perforations run all the way up the side and mostly around the lower leg, which provide a nice little bit of extra air.

I don’t know why in the world you’d need anything on your person with you in spin class, but these high-rise tights feature one internal pocket sewn in at the small of your back in case you need to keep a waterproof note to pass to the cute guy two bikes over.

The first top I grabbed from the rack was the Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank, because shiny object. The larger arm holes allow more air in, and it’s a bit of a roomy fit. An 8 is shown here, and if you prefer things to fit a little bit slimmer, I’d recommend sizing down. It may run even looser than a Sculpt Tank.

While the Copper Clay & Mauve feature a somewhat blinged out design down the back (more on that later), the lumosity foil print does NOT.

To the Beat Tank ($68) in Heathered Black

I can’t lie, I had a blonde moment and could not figure out where the front of this tank was. The rip tag is inside an arm hole and the omega logo was right in the center under said arm hole.

The bottom hem is asymmetrical in length, and while the Eds advised that it can be reversible, the tank is pictured on lulu’s website with the longer length in front, which is how I wore it. Unfortunately the security sensor and hang tag were clamped on right where the knot in front was, so there was no good way to show this one off without the knot. While I like the gathered look in front, the short length in back fell in an odd spot for me and looked a bit plain.

Ride & Reflect Bra ($58) in Ruby Red

Ah, this color is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I’m not one to run around in just a sports bra IRL, never mind on the internet, but yeah I feel that good about myself in this gorgeous bra that here you go.

The long line styling and higher neckline provide a bit more coverage, so if you’re like me and need the training wheels version of going ‘sports bra as a shirt’ in class, this is a perfect way to ease on in. It’s supportive enough to make me feel held in for a spin class, but I wouldn’t advise a double under marathon in it. Did a burpee/bike/snatch WOD in the black one today, and it passed the test.

To the Beat Tee ($68) + To the Beat Tight 24″ ($128)

This tee. I walked out of the fitting room and declared to everyone within earshot, “I’m not supposed to like this.”

Yet here I obviously am, kicking around lululemon, really feeling the outfit. The sleeves are a bit long, but I had a shower thought a few hours ago that with the longer sleeves, you’re free to move about and wipe your sweaty forehead on your sleeve mid-spin. Sometimes you forget a towel and do what you have to do.

As for the To the Beat Tight, the plain black tights were featured as one of my Faves when this collection was initally released. I didn’t own anything Everlux up to this point, and when I slipped them on they felt like a buttery midpoint between nulux and luxtreme. Compressive yet light, and I have a feeling they wick sweat better than Aligns, or else they wouldn’t be in a cycling collection.

The rise is high, compression is solid without being constricting, and the seams along and around the legs are as flattering as can be. If you stumble across this post and are a lululemon newbie, I’d recommend these tights as an amazing place to start your collection. The fabric stays put, they feel like pants but no pants, and OBTW they pass the squat test. 😀


To The Beat Tight Reflective ($148) in Tempo Splatter Obsidian Black

Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank ($58) in Purple Taupe

Ride & Reflect Bra ($58) in Black

After an HOUR of mixing, matching and selfies, I couldn’t help but get back into the reflective To the Beat Tight in Tempo Splatter Obsidian Black, saying over and over they would be my couch pants for that night.

I didn’t get the black To the Beat Tight because I already own plenty of different pairs of black tights from lulu, and this year I’m trying to add pieces to my wardrobe that stand out from what I already own.

The details on the gray tights won me over. They felt amazing, the seams do the thing, and the black specks help to busy the pattern up (in a good way). Huh? The specks help hide possibly unflattering shadows (read: cellulite).

As for the Ride & Reflect Muscle Tank, I generally rank on the millennial blush/mauve tones… but I found that the purple taupe worked well with my skin tone. What really won me over was how the fabric feels. While the lumosity foil version that I tried on felt a bit more gauzy, the purple taupe felt like a modal fabric you’d expect pajamas to be made of. Honestly not going to rule out sleeping in it tonight.

As I mentioned earlier, the fun in the back varies for the muscle tank. Of the three colors offered, the lumosity foil features the small lululemon/SoulCycle vertical text just below the collar. The purple taupe has a blinged out SoulCycle stripe down the back, while the Copper Clay says lululemon in the same style.

Lastly, I opted for the black bra despite my love for the ruby red, for the sake of coordinating an outfit.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the lululemon x SoulCycle collection. I called it a curious mix of hits & misses in my original 5 Faves & a Dud release notes, and I stick by that statement. I would still steer clear of the copper clay & adobe dust anything for aesthetics, and stick with the darker colors. For look and feel, the To the Beat Tight is definitely worth trying on. If you get that far, you’ll probably end up taking them home. Tell your bank account I’m sorry not sorry.

I plan on putting the tights and tank through their paces on an assault or spin bike soon, and will report back after the sweat test.

For anyone who frequents SoulCycle or any other spin studio out there and have tried the SoulCycle collab gear, how have you been faring? I’m digging the gear at first fit, and can’t wait to get super sweaty in it now that I’m back off the road and getting back into the gym. 🙂

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  1. I ordered those same To the Beat Reflective tights over the weekend. I had the Strava discount to use and the reviews are glowing for these. They look great on you!! It makes me excited to receive mine.

    I’m liking the tank too. It hangs nicely. That’s one cute outfit you got!!

  2. I took my To the Beat tights for a spin (ha, pun intended) this morning in spin class and they were great! No slipping/pulling/etc…and they passed the sweat test too. Worth the money on this one!

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