Seawheeze 2020 Showcase: US/Canada Upload Craziness


It’s 2020 so of course it was a disaster. Search Seawheeze on the lululemon mainsite? Get kicked right out to

Search “seawh” and wait for the roulette of top suggested items to change so you can see what the hell’s even available?

Yeah. Let’s do that.

It’s been over 2 hours and they’re just tweeting about it NOW: SHOP SEAWHEEZE 2020 HERE

What a cluster today has been. Here’s what’s available as of 5:45p ET on 8/11.

I’ll go back and see if I can dig up recon on sold out items so you can at least SEE them, but to say that today was an overwhelming afternoon before my DMs were blowing up NONSTOP ALL DAY is an understatement.

I don’t even know what happened today.


Seawheeze 2020 Showcase: the Stealth Upload

  • Speed Up Short 2.5″ – Lazurite, Super Sonic Alpine White Purple Multi/Black, Race Pace Flare Multi/Black / $58
  • Sculpt Tank – Lazurite, Purple Blossom / $58 – FAILED at getting a Lazurite Sculpt thanks to website glitches
  • Energy Bra – Race Pace Flare Multi & Illusionary White Black / $52
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  1. Was on as soon as things started posting and searched for specific items by name (I guess knowing the product names was semi useful in this case???). Seems like the reflective energy bra, long sleeve swiftly, and fast & free crops from the sneak peeks weren’t uploaded today. Perhaps they’ll be some of the “new Seawheeze styles added throughout the week”??

      1. From the comments I’m reading on FB and reddit, no one saw the LS swiftly (purple or flare). There’s hope!!

      2. That was crazy!! There has to be a more organized and better way of adding this stuff!! I found most of my items by clicking through to the “shop the items pictured” link at the end of each picture carousel. Going around and around was making me feel like I’d lost my mind!

        I saw the F&F crops at the very beginning when you had to search for each thing. They popped up as “an item I might be interested in” below the SS Swiftly. The link was broken though. I saw it a few more times and each time, the link didn’t work. Then it disappeared off the site completely. I never saw the LS Swiftly either and I saw a yellow tee that you couldn’t add to your cart. It disappeared as well. I predict we will see them in the next few days. It says something about more surprises being added this week. I’d love some F&F crops!!

  2. I got a lazurite sculpt tank and lazurite longline energy bra. If the lazurite printed trackers were still available, I would’ve snagged those. Most stuff was in colors and prints I didn’t like, so easy passes. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get the sculpt tank! They only had 4 left when I bought, which happens to be my size. I did go back a few minutes later and saw size 6 was back in stock (weirdly) so maybe your size will come back, albeit briefly I’m sure.

    1. I’ve been trying to check out that size 6 Sculpt for the last hour to no avail 🙁

      I keep getting told my account is over the limit when it hasn’t even placed a single successful order.

      Just in case anyone out there thinks that bloggers get preferential treatment… I can verify that sure isn’t the case haha

  3. Have I been doing it wrong this whole time? Are my speed shorts supposed to fit that tight for me to work out in?! 😳😳 Am I the only one bothered by this styling ? 😩

  4. I am just not enthused by these offerings. But since I’m not a registered runner, I guess I wasn’t the target audience.

    These are items for runners, half-marathoners to be precise. Why are none of the models wearing actual running shoes?

    I’ve run over 25 marathons and my shorts have never been that tight as Reya points out.

  5. How do you (the public) know these things are Seawheeze rather than just new colors? I see most of them don’t specify they are associated with the race. I have run over 25 marathons and all the items I’ve ever encountered say the name of the race and the year.

    1. Just like lululemon rarely plasters the word lululemon on gear and some notable design features and the little omega do the talking, every Seawheeze collection will have a little riff/embellishment (usually a border) on the design to indicate that it’s not just any old product that anyone can get. If you know, you know. This year is the first time text is included in the emblem, and TBH I thought it was a pretty out of character move.

      1. Loads of the stuff looks like it says “Sunset Festival” as well. In the past they had a just a few items in very small quantities at the festival, they must have been planning to sell more items at the festival itself this year. But buying them almost feels the same as buying a tshirt from a concert you didn’t go to.

  6. So glad I don’t care for the color of the reflective pieces—my wallet is thanking me! That swifty LS in flare looks so pretty but I kinda have a closet for of them….

  7. The “Seawheeze Hat” and “Seawheeze Bag” look like the items that would have been given out for free to runners at the check in and finish line. In previous years similar bags were given out as gear bags at check in and hats were given out at the finish line. Now they get to sell them and make some profit. Which I can’t fault them for, but it would have been a nice touch to give those to the virtual runners.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. You were going to give them to us anyway, might as well have decreased the refund a little and given us our swag. But then again, profit margin is probably higher to sell it.

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