5 Faves & a Dud: 5/19/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Happy Groundhog Day! Again. I’ve been walking around with crossed fingers all week that the Swiftly shown in the product photos for the Formation Camo Free to Be Serene but NOPE… the gorgeousness did not upload before my Strava discount expires. Pouty face. More on Strava in a bit. But first… the top 5!

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/19/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Morning Match Skirt *Tall ($78) in Midnight Orchid

Hi my name is Katy and I’m an absolute SUCKER for purple and lululemon skirts. Not sure if I should be annoyed or relieved that the stock photos don’t include a hint at how the “dual entry” pockets work.

Top access for the phone, bottom access for a tennis ball. Both useful, but is there something that will keep my phone in from the top?

I drop a tennis ball… teehee there goes the fuzzy yellow ball.

I drop an iPhone… well fck me there goes a thousand dollars.

Favorite #2: Ready to Roll Crew ($108) in Lemon Vibe

THIS. YES. The oversize sweatshirt trend has been a bit *too* roomy for me. I’m a bigger girl, so I tend to gravitate to more form-fitting styles that I don’t get lost in and end up looking like a blonde marshmallow.

I think I’ve found it. I’ve been carefully curating my shopping cart in anticipation for today’s upload to break the streak. If you count IWD, it’s been 72 days since I last bought any new lulu. That was only a skirt for work that I knew I’d need, and I wouldn’t have shopped that day otherwise.

Since my last UTTERLY GRATUITOUS lulu spend? Valentine’s Day. 95 days. It’s time. I want this happy sweatshirt and will be gutted (ok so mildly annoyed) if it ends up being dull IRL.

Favorite #3: On the Fly Short ($58) in Carnation Red

At risk of looking like Mickey Mouse with my yellow APLs, I REALLY LOVE RED SHORTS.

I haven’t purchased a roomy pair of shorts since the first incarnation for the Spring Breakaways in 2015, and now that it’s FINALLY warm out (also holy sh*t is it really Memorial Day weekend this weekend??), it’s time to put the pants away!

Favorite #4: Everywhere Belt Bag ($38) in Tiger

I’m a bit bummed that I was too damn slow and missed out on the Tiger City Sweat Crew Spacer last week, so now I’m trying to talk myself out of making this a fun little add-on to my Strava haul just because it’s cheeto. 🧡

Favorite #5: Energy Bra ($52) in Dark Prism Pink

I know I’m supposed to be paring DOWN the collection… but but but 🥺😍

The Dud: Lulu Strava Discount Drama

Long story short, the reward for completing Lululemon’s Move & Stay Connected Challenge on Strava was a 25% off discount. Given the kerfuffle of the SeaWheeze online showcase these last few years, it should come as no surprise that lululemon fumbled.

Turns out, the link sent out in the reward emails wasn’t actually linked to any email in particular. Someone (or multiple someones) figured this out and decided to not only exploit it not only for their own personal gain, and then decided to share it with the entire internet.

Well, the link/code was abused so much that lululemon ended up shutting the code off in the US (not sure about Canada), so that if you were like me and waiting out for the final Tuesday upload before the code’s expiration… suddenly your honestly-earned code didn’t work.

So I did what I always do when this type of sh*t happens: I got mad on Twitter.

Lululemon seems to be issuing new codes to people who reach out to the GEC with screenshots of the completion email from Strava. So yes the code is not entirely lost, but now those who rightfully earned it have to jump through a bunch of customer service hoops.

Some of you may be thinking “it’s not like it cost you any money, why the hell are you so bent out of shape about it”, but I’m a fan of doing the right thing. If something’s not meant for you, leave it alone.

Yes lululemon is at fault for being supremely lazy and issuing one blanket code with no restrictions, but so are the people who both used and shared a code wasn’t theirs to use or share. Be a good person.

Back to the Clothing

  • TBH I’m kicking myself for not including the Incognito Camo Alpine White Multi Define Jacket in the top 5, but I’m a bit too lazy to go back and reformat this entire thing at this point. Either way it’s GORGEOUS.
  • Another want but don’t need? The lemon vibe Cross Chill Jacket.
  • The Serene Blue Speed Up Short Long *Updated Fit? Adorable dirt magnet.

aK Shop Block02B

HIGH FIVE for getting to the bottom of this post! One more thing: I’ve long wanted to get Poshmark out of the mix for reselling some of my lesser-worn pieces because giving them a 20% cut adds up. I can pack a box all by myself.

In the last week or so I’ve finally been able to figure how to host a shop on this site, and I am in the process of listing a bunch of lulu here: Shop AthletiKaty’s Closet

It’s not EVERYTHING, but anything you see listed right now is available. Orders over $50 ship on the house and I’m ready to ship it within a day if there’s anything you’d like to jump on before I upload more and write a big ol’ blog post about it.

I can ship to USA Addresses only – I’m sorry to my Canadian readers! Haven’t figured out international shipping yet. 🙁


Katy 🙂

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  1. Hi Katy,

    That might explain why I got a follow-up email this evening from Strava with in the last hour. The text reads:

    “Your reward from lululemon is waiting – 25% off your next purchase through May 21 (11:59 PST). Celebrate your efforts, rest up and then keep on moving.

    Use your discount online, or bring this email in-store where local regulations allow and you feel safe doing so. To redeem online: Click below, log in or create a lululemon profile, and your 25% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

    Offer is valid for a one-time purchase and cannot be shared. Questions? Contact lululemon’s Guest Education Centre at gec@lululemon.com.”

    After the above text is a link to the Lululemon online store. And as I’m putting things into my cart, items are being discounted the 25%. I haven’t checked out yet since I’m still finalizing my purchases. I’ll post again once I finish.

      1. Hi Katy!

        It worked! I picked out the tank and shorts that I wanted and the purchase went through with the discount! Good luck!


      2. I still had the original email that notified me of earning the Strava discount, and the deadline was May 24, now the new email says it’s May 21. Why did they knock off a few days??

      3. Possibly to stop the spread of the new code like wildfire, or maybe they already “lost” more money than anticipated by the fumble, so damage control? Those are my guesses.

  2. Yeah, there’s a certain “angel” on lululemonheads group on Facebook, who used the discount for like 20,000.00 of merchandise for others, to get her 20% tip, that likely helped tip the balance for lulu shutting off the code. I cringed when I saw this, and knew the abuse would not be good. Unfortunately since it’s an 8+ hour wait on GEC, I’ll not get a chance to use my earned discount, because people like her abused it for personal gain. Bummed

    1. $20,000?! The fine print said it was good for purchasing up to $1000… meaning this person had to create at least 20 different email addresses. Woof.

      Unfortunately, as long as people buy from resellers… their behavior will only be rewarded, instead of discouraged.

      Did you get a new email last night? Went out around 7pm ET.

      1. Nope, and after an 8 hour wait, I got disconnected from gec after being 817 in the queue. I’ll try again tomorrow. And yeah, that reseller even convinced her local store to allow it to be used on markdowns. She makes her living shopping the outlets and selling to people who will tip her 20% or more, and even had the audacity to request the local lulu stores/outlets, to let her shop during the shelter in place. Thankfully those managers cared more about public safety than her bank account, and declined. Anyway, I digress, just pissed in general at the reddit code spreaders and greedy resellers who screwed us all

  3. Thanks for the heads up!! I had no idea what was going on. I tried to check out three times and wasn’t able to use my Strava discount… and I wasn’t about to spend HOURS on the phone waiting to talk to someone. 🤨

    I sent an email to Lululemon with screenshots of my Strava completion email. I got an automated response back that I will hear from them in 3 – 4 days. I’m figuring they will make good on it since it was their screw up. I’ll bet some heads rolled for that colossal error. They should know by now that there are way too many dishonest people.

    I’m hoping that there won’t be an ending date in case there is something good on the next upload.

  4. Oh, the drama. It sucks for those who earned the reward, but seriously—what was LLL thinking when they created a universal, shareable link? I mean, c’mon. I’m no web developer or tech guru, but even I know that’s just asking for trouble.

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