5 Faves & a Dud: 5/12/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Happy Tuesday! I’m going to do my best not to ramble this week. We’re seeing a ton of familiar patterns and colorways – Formation Camo Deep Coal Multi, Cassis, Grey Sage, Lunar Rock, Rustic Coral, Chianti… so without further ado, hello to lululemon’s latest!

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/12/20 Edition

Favorite #1: City Sweat Crew Spacer ($118) in Tiger

Oh how I wish I could do a side by side of Monarch Orange and Tiger, but that would require stores being open… whomp whomp. Either way I’m here for the bright color, zippy pockets, and almost moto detailing on the forearms.

It’s like circus peanuts, but make it sweatshirt. Does anyone actually eat those things?

Favorite #2: Free To Be Serene Bra ($52) in Formation Camo Deep Coal Multi

I know I’m calling this bra a favorite but I want that purple Swiftly she’s got tied around her waist. Come on Lulu UPLOAD THE GOODS. I have a 25% off discount code from the Strava challenge and I wanna use it on something gorgeous!

Favorite #3: Speed Up Short Long *Updated Fit ($58) in Carnation Red

Red shorts are fun shorts. We all need some fun shorts for epic adventures to the mailbox. Make the world notice you.

Favorite #4: All Aligned Midi Dress ($118) in Dark Olive

The lulu stylist and I are sort of on the same wavelength. I’d go with a chambray around the waist and some flat brown sandals (the ever comfy Sorel Ella if we’re getting specific), but a nice cream sweater works too. I like to think I’d look amazing in this at a backyard BBQ that won’t happen because corona.

Favorite #5: All Yours Crew Terry ($98) in Tiger

As far as the color name goes… story checks out. 🙂

The Dud: Clear Intention Short ($68) in Lemon Vibe

Your dad’s favorite faded swim trunks from the 80’s?

From the Soap Box

Upload is a little bit weak this week, but I’m okay with it. Like I mentioned earlier, the prize for finishing the Lululemon Move & Stay Connected challenge on Strava is a 25% off code. It only applies to full-price goodies, so I want to make sure I break my 65-day no lululemon (or any new clothes) streak for something that I absolutely LOVE.

  • I’d be failing as a lulu blogger if I didn’t mention the Align Tank is in stock in Rustic Coral this week.
  • Other things that will look adorable on a mailbox walk:
    • Love Tank *Pleated – Hype Stripe Black White
    • Dance Studio Jogger – Grey Sage
    • Brunswick Muscle Tank – Hype Stripe Black White, I personally size down to a 6 in this to make it more fitted. Arm holes a little bit small for my big shoulders, but overall I’m happy with the sized down fit.

That’s it. I said I’m keeping it short, so how about we all tuck and roll to the nearest wine cellar and enjoy a nice Tuesday evening glass of Chianti instead? I like that idea.

Between Chianti and Tiger it’s a straight up wine and cheese kind of night. I love me some wine and cheese.

Cheers! 🍷

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  1. Hopefully, Tiger is a brighter orange than Monarch. I ordered the monarch shorts and they were very similar in color to my honey lemon tank from last year. I ended up sending the shorts back, since I was really hoping for a brighter shade and more orange-y.

    I’d be all over that purple swiftly. It looks gorgeous!!

    1. I’m tempted by the Tiger City Sweat Crew, but am not sure if I will look awesome with a tan or like a weird cheeseball with my pale skin. Only one wait to find out…

  2. I filled my cart with different shorts and when I went to use the Strava 25% off every pair was gone 🙁 I guess there were almost 300,000 participants buying all the stuff! I did use it but on entirely different items.

    1. Yikes! I am also wondering if they just aren’t making/shipping as much merch given everything going on right now. Plus, with no stores open people who’d normally go to the mall are forced to shop online, making everything go faster.

      I’m trying to hang onto my code until the last minute, just in case something new uploads that I want more than buying this week just for the sake of having a discount.

  3. I also put a couple pairs of carnation red hotty hot shorts and the align tank in that rustic coral. I took too long to check out and all the things I wanted were sold out ugh

    1. Same thing happened to me. I filled up my cart with stuff I wanted to get with the discount, got distracted doing other stuff, came back a few hours later and nearly everything was gone! It’s like the old days of Lulu when stuff used to fly off the shelves, except I wasn’t ready for that to happen. I thought I had some time!!

      1. This has been happening to me too, and I feel like the website is just extremely buggy. The diamond dye stuff all “sold out” but then days later was all restocked.

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