The Fitting Room: Lululemon


Welp, I guess this is going to be the last Fitting Room post for the foreseeable future. THANKS CORONAVIRUS! Luckily for us, online shopping is still a thing. But with social distancing in full effect… where are you going to wear your new outfit?

I’ll be wearing mine on the internet.

Here’s the roundup from my IWD adventure to lululemon, before COVID-19 officially took over the world.

The Fitting Room: Lululemon

Cates Tee ($48) in Cut Back Stripe White Black

Shown here in an 8. Ended up liking this one more than I thought I would.

I was wearing a cami & Aligns under the shirt dress I had on that day, so I was able to see what this crop would look like without high-waisted pants that just aren’t high enough. Being tall is (mostly) fun.

Sincerely Yours Sweater ($128) in Pink Glow

Another unexpected win. I usually don’t rock the blush pink, but it seemed to work. If it appears on WMTM, I’d consider it.

Rally Wrap ($138) in Black/Black

The #1 coulda shoulda with the International Womens Day discount. I absolutely loved this wrap and how it felt cozy without looking like I was lost in it.

Ultimately, I wasn’t sure how often I’d wear it out in the real world, (haha now we’re all wearing nothing out in the real world), so I guess it’s ok I made the decision to save my money.

Trail Trekker High-Rise Tight 25″ ($128) in Cassis

I was the most curious about these, given that Athleta has a stranglehold on the hiking tights segment when it comes to my closet.

The fabric is a ribbed knit, making them more substantial than last year’s cargo-pocketed flop. I admittedly went directly from going HAM on brunch to the mall, so I was totally feeling the food baby. Due to that I didn’t feel my most confident in Cassis. However, someone already bought out the black 10 in my store, so I had no choice.

Overall I did like how they felt, the only odd thing was the round panel at the small of the wearer’s back that didn’t quite look right. If I find a black pair out in the wild when stores reopen, I may give them another go.

I’d wear them to hike, for sure. If you are a bit more hardcore and like to do more intense activities that require a harness or a lot of abrasion (like rock climbing), be wary of snaggability.

Take it in Stride 1/2 Zip ($98) in Black

Don’t mind my face, it’s a reaction to how full I feel, and not the top itself.

It’s a nice middle weight crop LS for these somewhat cool temps we are working our way through as Spring attempts to show up. It has ribbed sleeves, and has a construction very similar to the Far & Free Jacket.

Speed Up Short *Long ($58) in Wild Bluebell

Step away from the gorgeous shorts, Miss Katy. You already have Jet Stream and Blazer Blue. Step the F away. 💙

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about wild bluebell in the tracker shorts. I already have jet stream so I don’t need bluebell trackers… do I?

    I’ve been eyeing the cates tee seeing that wild bluebell is offered in it (can you tell I have a crush on wb?). I wear a 4 in love tees but a 6 in define jackets and ls swiftlies, do you think I’d be a 4 or 6 in the cates? I was going to go to the store last weekend but ran out of time. And now any store visit will be awhile! Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately the only way you’re going to find a WB Cates in either of those sizes is through a store sale. They’re both sold out online 🙁

      I do an 8 in Swiftlies and a 10 in Defines, and liked the 8. By that logic, stick with your smaller size.

      Good luck!

      1. Darn you’re right, it’s sold out! That’s what I get for waiting. I was also thinking of the love tee in wb so I should jump on it. I’ll def have to try the cates tee at some point though!

  2. The Take it in Stride 1/2 Zip is tight! I’m a true 10 in Lulu tops but I ended up with a 12 in this. I could say maybe, juuuuust maybe I’ve gotten bigger but I’d prefer to say that the clothes have gotten smaller 😉

  3. Those wild bluebell speed up *long popped up again in my size today. They’d been out of stock. So, I did a quick purchase before I missed out. My first “shelter in place” purchase. I’m trying so hard not to shop out of boredom. It’s hard though!

  4. What size of the Sincerely Yours sweater are you wearing? It looks great on you, but since it’s a relaxed fit item, I wasn’t sure whether to size down or not. Do you think it would stretch out during the day?

    (Sorry if this posts twice – it looked like it disappeared when I tried to post it the first time.)

    1. TTS 8 😊 While it’s relaxed, I wouldn’t say it’s too baggy. There are some pieces like the Sculpt Tank, Love Tee or Back in Action LS that I go down to a 6, but I would have stayed TTS if I bought this piece. Seeing that it’s not being stretched when worn, I don’t imagine it stretching on its own during the course of the day.

  5. What do you think about the Circle patch on the back of the trail trekker pant ? I am still on the fence about getting them and lulu keeps restocking my size lol

  6. What size are you wearing in those wild bluebell speed up shorts? I bought them in an 8 and a 10, along with the dark prism pink ones, and I can’t decide which size to return! Do you prefer a closer fit in these?

    1. Those are a TTS 10 and they fit just right. Running shorts are meant to have some room. Tighter fits generally mean the legs roll up once you start moving 😕

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