Lululemon + Strava: Move and Stay Connected Challenge


Got a fun little email today: lululemon is teaming up with Strava for a challenge that a lot of us can get behind… getting up off our luon-clad rear ends and getting some socially distant exercise in.

Races are getting axed left and right, and while I’ve been able to get my LHR and Long Runs in no problem, getting in the headspace for my 2 CrossFit WODs & Tempo run each week has proven to be a bit of a challenge.


lululemon Move and Stay Connected Challenge

Dates: Apr 13, 2020 to May 10, 2020

Requirements: Complete 5 days of activity for 4 weeks, Minimum 20 minutes per activity

Prize: Complete the challenge and receive a special post-challenge benefit and a new badge for your trophy case.

I love me a good Strava badge, and a ton of brands now dish out discounts when their challenges are completed. In the past, lululemon has given out discounts in the Ghost Race.

So, I’m obviously in. I have been trying to keep active 5x a week, and a little bit of accountability never hurt anyone!

Shameless plug: if you’re not already a member of the AthletiKaty Run Crew on Strava, join me and all my workout OOTD & footwear selections 🙂



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