The Fitting Room: Lululemon Mapped Out Tight, Rest Less Pullover & In Movement Tight


The problem with running on a weekday morning? Mornings. See: inspiration for the aK Run Crew’s first challenge… the Will Run 4 Coffee 10K.

The good part of running on a weekday morning? Time after work to hit the mall and hunt down new threads without the crowds.

Mapped Out High-Rise Tight 28″ ($128) in Black/Glacier Gray

I was curious to give these a shot after loving last year’s Zoned In Tight so much, thanks to the SenseKnit tech put into the design. Then, the Zoned In returned a couple weeks later. So, I had to give these a go to see what the difference was between the two. I’m 5’9″ and trying on a TTS 10.

The mapped out has a normal high rise that you’d expect from an Align or Wunder Under. The compression is decent, I’d put it somewhere between the Fast & Free and a pair of Full-on Luxtreme Wunder Unders.

The Mapped Out feels like a lighter version of the Zoned In, in terms of both the compression level and the price tag. I think these are a solid choice for an OTF/HIIT/CrossFit workout that will jack your heart rate up, but could also have you down on the ground doing core work.

They’re mapped out, literally, to be extra breathable in sweatier zones around your knees, and I mention the core work thing because the pocket on the back is a foldover, aka no zipper to dig into your back. Win.

Rest Less Pullover ($88) in Aqua Smoke

I wanted to love this one, but aqua smoke is a bit dustier IRL than I was led to believe online. I’m going to start calling it the Honeycomb Effect. Long story short, if you want dust, go aqua smoke. If you want a pretty light blue, look for Sea Frost.

This TTS 8 was also a little on the shorter side, as far as torso length goes. I’m not sure if this style will ever be for me, but every year I keep trying.

In Movement Tight *Spray Dye Everlux ($108) in Brushed Spray Dye Lunar Purple Intergalactic

I was most excited for these, and headed into my local store with full intention to say goodbye to my birthday gift card in exchange for a pair of these babies. However, two words derailed my mission: pattern placement.

One leg had brighter stripes on it than the other, and I was feeling picky that day. Also, I admittedly only have one other pair of Everlux, and I’m pretty choosy when I wear them. Everlux pieces seem more geared toward yoga, spin or HIIT as opposed to taking the beating of a 10-mile run… and my workout routine lately is predominantly running.

I wanted to love them, and I certainly didn’t hate them, but it wasn’t love at first wear. Figured I’d hang onto that gift card a little while longer until something new uploads that truly knocks my socks off. 🙂

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  1. The mapped out tights look awesome on you! I’m going to have to check out Sea Frost! I’m always looking for more blues.

  2. Thank you always for your fit reviews and witty comments ! Enjoy your blog so much ! You are a lovely young woman and look great in what you try on ! Keep up the good work !

  3. The first version of the rest less pullover is amazing. I’m like you, keep wanting to love the new ones but they’re too thin and short:(

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