Review: Lululemon Speed Wunder Tight * Nulux Electrobeam


A short while ago, lululemon released an uncharacteristically spacy pattern, electrobeam multi. I can’t get enough of galactic space things, so cautiously ordered up both the Energy Bra and Speed Wunder Tights, knowing that bright colors mean that it’s all printed on a light fabric base. Now that I’ve had them for a few wears, time to share my thoughts!

Review: Lululemon Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux ($128) in electrobeam multi

For reference, I am 5’9″ and I ordered my TTS 10.


The fit on these is pretty straightforward. I’ve been on the Hi-Rise train for a while, so my most recent pairs of WUPs to compare to are from 2014 and earlier. I don’t have any Speed Tights to compare to.

DSC_0665Because there’s only a single layer of fabric throughout the legs, there isn’t quite as much compression as some of the other paneled running tights that lululemon offers. They fit most like my ziggy wee october inwell black WUPs from way back when. Full-on luon sucks you in a bit more, but I don’t believe the ‘freedom’ you feel in these warrants sizing down.


Let’s just get straight to the big question that anyone ever wants answered… “are they sheer?” Instead of bending over in front of a camera, I figured I’d do an unboxing and post a stretch test on Instagram.

I did it live so the video wouldn’t cut out on me, and apparently I forgot to hit ‘Save’ when it ended. So, here’s my first look, take two. While I’ve gotten half decent at photos… I still suck at video. Apologies for the yellowish twinge.

If you don’t feel like spending time or data to watch, long story short is: instead of lightening up like other dark patterns on nulux, the ink happens to somehow play into the pattern so that while it lightens some, it looks like it’s part of the design.


The Speed Wunder Tights are lululemon’s Speed Tight & Wunder Under mashup. For the most part, they’re a single layer of fabric with no gimmicky bonus pockets for keys, phones, gels and whatnot.

While no *bonus* pockets, there still is one zip pocket in the back of the waistband, and two small coin pockets in the front. Just enough for your keys, but don’t plan on bringing a phone along for your run.

The rise is a nice comfortable middle. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or a happy accident, but the slanted graphic in the waistband reminds me a little bit of ye olde Astro Pant.

Now, let’s talk about what lululemon has become known for. Flattering angles. From the front and the sides, the brighter details around the knees draw attention away from the hips, which is a common source of insecurity for women.

Hey there, R2D2!

Then, you turn it around. While not the same angle of the infamous quiet stripes, I’m not mad about how they look.


With the brightly-lit high-contrast stock photos on lululemon’s website, there was some fear about looking like Mr. Goodbody, but I think in real life they dodge the bullet of looking like muscle striation.

DSC_0638Overall, I’m quite happy with these tights. I took them for a 6-mile run the day after they got delivered, and maybe adjusted them twice. I’m still trying to figure out what to match them with. Tranquil blue, black, porcelaine, pipe dream so far. Boom juice is too pink, electric coral and graperfuit too orange. Purple? Haven’t gone there yet.

Anyhow, it was cold in my house today. For the majority of these photos, my Star Wars socks were hiding underneath my new Sorel Whitney Camp Boots – feast your eyes on THIS killer combo:

I’m so good at fashion. More on the kicks later. They are squishy, warm and amazing. Kind of like a fresh loaf of bread.


  1. I love them on you, so flattering! The lines on the pattern are laid out perfectly. The colors are really fun too. Plus, it seems like if you ran in them, you’d look like you were going faster. If I didn’t just clean up a huge toppled over pile of leggings and tops, I’d have them in my cart. I noticed a few (ok, more than a few…) items that still have tags in that pile. Probably, I should wear those instead and just admire these leggings on others.

    1. Thanks Stacy! I felt kind of fast wearing them, but I think it may have been attributed to the fact it was about 60 degress cooler outside than all of those evil training runs that I went for in July.

  2. Those look very good on you! I’m insecure about my knees, of all things, so this print just wouldn’t be for me…even though my knees are covered, haha. I think their use of the pattern and angling was pretty clever, though.

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