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Shout out to the Run Crew for inspiring this one. Back in 2017, I missed out on rainbow reflective at SeaWheeze by just a handful of people. When 2018 rolled around, I was ON A MISSION to make sure I scored. When I got to the front of the line, I went nuts. Price tags be damned. Truth be told, I didn’t even look until I was in line to check out. WOOF.

Little did I know that my blackout shopping frenzy would actually turn into frequently-worn purchases. After making a bunch of progress in 2017 and losing it over the winter into 2018, I didn’t want to start the 2019 season the same way.

So, despite the dwindling daylight, I did my best to get those miles in before or after work, and ended up wearing my shiny SeaWheeze things CONSTANTLY. As 2019 winds down and I only have 3 races left on my calendar in the next two weeks, it’s time to prepare for a long, dark winter in which I keep making run progress but avoid getting hit by cars.

If you’re like me and are interested in more than secondhand SeaWheeze, read on for a roundup of all sorts of reflective run options to keep you visible this winter.


Aside from the expensive SeaWheeze & Lights Out collections that are only available through online resellers, lulu doesn’t have too much right now.

Ready to Rulu Hoodie *Reflective ($138) in Dimension Dot Heathered Black Silver Reflective

Lululemon has historically released shiny options around Thanksgiving, but this hoodie uploaded recently, and it’s sitting in my cart. I’m unsure about the sizing, but I am thinking about going with an M.

In a Flash Armwarmer ($38) in Black


Inlet Reflective Vest ($148)

While I didn’t try it on, I’ve seen this one in stores. It looks to be a slim cut, but a nice weight. It’s not too puffy so that it restricts your mobility, but it looks like it will keep you toasty as temps drop.

Rainier Reflective Leopard in Plush SuperSonic ($108) in Black

I’m all about the reflective animal prints, I once held out for a year and a half patiently waiting for the reflective lizard Pace Tights to hit WMTM a few years ago. I tried Athleta’s Rainier Tight on last week for the first time, and they are simply AMAZING.

The high rise is absolute perfection, the compression is top notch, and the brushed SuperSonic Fabric is cozy, but not as thick as lulu’s Tech Fleece. I’m head over heels in love with the Rainier, and so are a lot of you. The woman at the store said they are absolutely flying off the shelves, and these reflective beauties are backordered for another few weeks. Backorder is better than sold out, so I suppose patience is key.

Rainier Reflective Tight in Powervita ($108)

Same Rainier, different fabric. These are a bit less obvious, but still have a galactic vibe when the lights go out.

Snow Leopard Reflective Cap ($38)


If you’re not a runner, you may not be familiar with Oiselle. I’ve been curious about their run gear for a while now, their Spark in the Dark pieces first caught my attention when I was writing a 5FD post similar to this one about a year ago.

FREE MONEY! If any of these Oiselle pieces interest you, CLICK HERE to save $20 on your first order over $50 at, orders over $75 ship free.

Firecracker Reflective Long Sleeve ($72)

This piece is my top pick from the Oiselle collection. It can be tossed over any tank top, and it features a Big Ass Watch Window, so that you can use the thumbholes and keep track of your stats all at the same time. Love this so much.

Firecracker 3/4 Tights ($96)

There’s a lot of black on silver in this post, but Oiselle jazzes it up with not only patterned options, but base color as well. A bit unusual with tights.

The bird print also comes in the blue base, but I couldn’t find a dark photo to contrast with it online.

It’s getting COLD where I live, but for anyone in warm or moderate climates, there are also some warmer weather options:

Firecracker Arm Warmers ($32) / Firecracker Crop Top ($58) / Firecracker Shorts ($58)

Brooks Running

I spend so much money on Brooks running shoes (I legit just got another pair this week), that I really ought to give their run gear a try. Brooks also has an annual high-vis themed product drop, the Nightlife Collection. The clothing features a mix of reflective paint or bright safety yellow to keep you LIT FAM as you crush tempo miles in the dark.


Glycerin 17 ($150) in 097

Always good to have something shiny on your feet, seeing that they’re the part of your body that’s in motion the most.

Nightlife Jacket ($160) & Nightlife Tight ($96)

The two pieces with the paint will light you up, but that means the price points are a bit higher than the neon options.

Nightlife 1/2 Zip ($76) & Nightlife Long Sleeve Top ($60)

If visibility is the goal, I personally would go with one of these options and a vest.

Nightlife Accessories

Nightlife Crew ($16) / Nightlife Glove ($55) / Dash Arm Warmer ($28)

PYR Reflective

Lastly, I encountered this brand while run geeking out on Instagram the other night. Sarah Sellers (finished 2nd in Boston in 2018) wore a top by PYR Reflective, a tiny brand that I’ve never heard of before, and I dug it.

PYR Reflective is a small company with a very small selection, but they also feature the most reflective option of the bunch.

Women’s Fully Reflective Lightweight Running Jacket ($84.99)

Sometimes FULL ON reflective isn’t very breathable due to the paint, but you can’t go wrong if your main goal is visibility.

Women’s Reflective Long Sleeve Brite Stripe Top ($59.99)

This is the top that caught my attention, and the price point is pretty reasonable considering some of the other options listed earlier in this post.

I could keep going ON AND ON AND ON if I got into lights, bands, vests, etc, so I’m going to stop here. But if you’re looking for a shiny outfit, rest easy knowing that there are more cute options out there than secondhand SeaWheeze.

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  1. Old Navy occasionally does super reflective pieces. They’re not as much fun as some of the other brands, but pretty sweet for under $50.

  2. I also ordered the leopard reflective rainier tights from athleta with a 20% off coupon. Athleta’s reflective gear has always been a win for me, especially when I was preparing for an overnight ultramarathon! Last year I bought the Snow Down reflective jacket, floral reflective contender tights, and a marked down earband and gloves.
    P.S. Oiselle’s reflective collection is on sale right now for 25% off with SPARK25 – I loved last year’s firecracker line and will be getting something this year in the BB Blue!

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