AthletiKaty Run Crew Challenge: Will Run for Coffee 10K


One of my goofy ideas for the AthletiKaty Run Crew was to throw in doofy little virtual races/challenges here and there, along the lines of WILL RUN FOR _________. It’s time.

With the sun coming up later and later, it’s been tougher to get my motor running in the dark. I continue to wear more reflective things and run a few more miles under the street lights, all the while thinking about how I can’t wait to have my morning coffee when I’m finished.

Thus was born the sleepy inspiration for the Run Crew’s first challenge… the Will Run for Coffee 10K!


How to Enter

So here’s the deal. To enter and win the challenge, you must be a member of the AthletiKaty Run Crew on Strava.

Once you’ve joined (unless you’re already one of the cool people who have, in that case, thank you for being awesome), there are three painless steps to complete:

  1. RSVP on the Will Run for Coffee 10K Event Page on Strava. (If you previously entered by commenting on the November Challenge thread on the Crew’s page, you are covered! I realized after the fact that creating a Club Run was a helluva lot easier than clunking up the discussion board.)
  2. Enter the general November 10K challenge on Strava. Here’s where the filtered leaderboard is going to live, so we can see some actual results.
  3. Complete a 10K run at some point in the month of November.

That’s it 🙂 >>> Join Crew / Say Hi / Enter Challenge / RUN!

EDIT: After originally published this post, I realized it was far easier to create a Club Run on Strava and count RSVPs as entries there. So I created that too. My apologies that November’s a little discombobulated; entries from both the Comment Thread AND the Club Event page are both valid.

Let’s call it a lesson learned for December. I very much appreciate your patience while I’m figuring out how to best leverage all of Strava’s features!

Strava’s Fine Print

The Challenge starts on 11/1/19 and ends on 11/30/19 based on each runner’s local time zone.

All activities logged during the Challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after the Challenge ends.

Manual entries, virtual runs, or treadmill runs are not eligible. Activity privacy settings must be marked “Everyone” to count towards the Challenge goal.

The Prize? COFFEE!!!

  1. Obviously, whoever knocks out the fastest 10K of all will win a $20 gift card to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Dunkin’ (or wherever you get your coffee that I can purchase a gift card online), your choice.
  2. I’m not the fastest in the bunch, and I don’t want people to be discouraged if the same fast human (it’s a small group) just wins every challenge every time, so there’s also going to be a Wild Card winner. Of all the people who complete the 10K challenge (except the timed winner, sorry no double dipping), a name will be drawn at random and you’ll get $10 to whatever gift cardy coffee joint you choose.

I know it’s not much, but I can’t be the only one jonesing for a warm beverage after these cool weather runs! As delicious as they are, post-race beers make my fingers turn white. BRRRRR!


  1. Meant to ask on Strava, but what are your favorite reflective things? Excluding the Seawheeze 2018 jacket I wish I had. Oiselle does some cool-looking firecracker stuff but I want more.

    1. Not reflective, but I’ve been peeping online at those Noxgear vests for a while now, and finally pulled the trigger. It just got delivered yesterday – haven’t even taken it out of the box,

      In addition to Oiselle’s Firecracker fun, I know that Brooks just dropped their annual Nightlife collection, which includes a reflective edition of the Glycerin. Like you, I’m on the hunt for more visible gear this winter. Feeling like I’ve made a bunch of progress this year and I want to do my best to carry on through the winter months into 2020, which means… bring on the shiny/neon gear!

      I just searched lululemon Lights Out on eBay thinking that with Seawheeze’s popularity some of those pieces would be a bit more attainable, but no… those are still selling for a hot couple hundo too. Woof.

      I’m going to head on over to the Strava side right now and start a thread!

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