WMTM Alert: Aqua Smoke & Mirrors

lululemonWMTM Alert

Oh my goodness I am still riding high from my crazy tempo run from this morning. Apparently all I need is for it to be 37 degrees out and amazingly sunny calm and suddenly I’m fast. If I start cracking below 9 minutes on the regular Joanna’s going to expect a lot more out of me. YAY but also scary AF.

You know what’s not scary, and actually nice? This week’s update to lululemon’s We Made Too Much.

Trying to keep calm and carry on without too much spending

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  1. I ordered the Speed Ups in Jet Stream & Intergalactic as well as the tie dye Swiftly Speed LS. I’ve been patiently eyeing all 3, so yay! I still haven’t tried any of the “Speed” pieces, so hopefully they fit similarly to the “Tech.” Oh well, it’s mine forever either way.

    1. I wasn’t sure about the Speed version, but I ended up loving the one that my friend Krystle generously snagged for me at SeaWheeze this summer. There’s a little bit more weight to it, but it still feels nice and breathable. I can see myself grabbing a few more colors in the future.

  2. How waterproof is your The Rain is Calling Jacket? I’ve been on a hunt for something that would work in a downpour. I’m between that one and the Here to Move. Any insight, would be appreciated!

    1. I admittedly haven’t gone out in just the Rain is Calling in a straight downpour just to see what happened. Walking around in a steady drizzle this summer, I didn’t have anything leak through the seams, though.

      Given that I’m not a walk commuter and haven’t really flexed my hiking muscles since picking up that jacket last fall, I may not be qualified to give it a pass/fail in downpour in conditions. In drizzly conditions, it’s been my go to.

  3. I had one ftb zen bra and thought it fit funny. It always rode up under my boobs and I had to constant adjust. I sold it pretty fast lol.

    I bought the emerald love tank a couple weeks ago for full price, but I don’t regret it. The color is 😍 and I hope others can snap it up for $29!

    1. Sometimes you just have to take the full price risk. I’m not even mad that I ended up paying full-price for my heartthrob Swiftly. While it would have been nice to save the money, I couldn’t risk missing out on what’s become one of my fast favorites.

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