WMTM Alert: 10/17/19 Edition

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How about I just scrap the rambling intro and cannonball right into this week’s updates to lululemon’s We Made Too Much. Ready set JUMP!

  • Leave a quack in the comments section if you’re a lucky duck whose patience paid off and you can now get the GORGEOUS Heartthrob Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew for $59. Pardon the Standard Definition (*gasp*) boomerang screenshots, but here’s unedited heartthrob in natural light. I fcking love it.

Swim Class

Lots of things to jump into a river in hit WMTM this week.

The more I cruise through it, the more I realize that there’s a bunch more options that hit WMTM this afternoon that I just can’t get to right now. I REALLY need to step away from the blog post and get back to work, so here are my final four of the day because responsibilities beckon, booooo!

Okay time to roll happy shopping (check the rest of WMTM here) see you love you xoxo bye!

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  1. I’d like to get that Sun Shelter Long Sleeve Rash Guard, but I have no idea of the sizing since there are no reviews for that. Have you tried it on? The website say the 5’10” model is wearing size Small. But it looks like she’s swimming in it, so just wondering if this runs huge. I’m just 5’4″ 120#, so can’t compare with the model… Thx

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t been in a warm weather store in a long time, meaning I haven’t seen or tried any lulu swim off a rack in ages, if at all this year. 🙁

      Like you, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the SML sizing, and the fact that it often appears they style the models in sizes that are probably one larger than their true size. This way there’s no unflattering pulling/bunching/etc.

      I appreciate that the effort is there with the website’s height & size notes, but they don’t seem to feature models under 5’9″ very often. It’s useful info for taller women like me, but we are not in the majority.

  2. After waffling for a few days, I broke down and ordered the heartthrob ls swiftly. It looks so cute on you!! I waited too long, so I could order my normal size up on the swiftly. I had toto go tts. Hopefully, it still fits okay. I feel like the last swiftly tank I got was a little bigger than usual.

    I threw in a pair of the Hotty Hot Longs in the crazy color pattern to keep the Swiftly company.

    1. I think you’re going to LOVE heartthrob, I certainly do. For a few years I used to always size up to a 10 on Swiftly’s, but in the last year I’ve been going TTS 8 and haven’t had a problem. I feel like the newer material has a bit more give in the shoulders, so I’m more comfortable in them.

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