5 Faves & the Roksanduds

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I may have British lineage, but this week it’s evident that I’m not from London. How do we know this? Per Wikipedia…

Roksanda Ilinčić is a Serbian fashion designer based in London, England. She owns a fashion brand named ROKSANDA, which she introduced in 2005, on London Fashion Week. Today, Roksanda is one of the most recognizable fashion designers in London.

Today, I googled who the eff Roksanda was and what in the world she did to warrant a Roksanda x lululemon collaboration. If I were from London, maybe I would have heard of her before this week. I have not. It’s tough to ignore the Roksanda collection, so let’s go through it front and center before I try and move through the rest of this post like it’s a normal week in lululand.

lululemon x Roksanda

Per lululemon, homegirl is “known for her modern, feminine silhouettes and trademark colourblocking,” and she “infuses this collaboration with her signature craftsmanship.”

I mean, it’s definitely not the norm for my personal style and there are certainly some billowy pieces that I’m definitely not into, but quite honestly I’m pretty into some of the black/navy pieces with the yellow contrast. Of course most items are at an elevated price point, common with collaborations, but then the rest of it seems peanuts when you see that there’s a $1000 jacket in the mix.

I suppose if there are 44356 different ways to wear the Inner Expanse Infinity Coat, then the average cost per “item” is reasonable(ish). Right?

The Face Forward Define Jacket ($178) gave me hope for a hot minute, until I noticed the puffy sleeves. Someone call Jerry Seinfeld! While the pink/marvel/honeycomb isn’t necessarily wowing me, I will admit that the black/navy/sonic yellow is pretty sharp.

Are the Break New Ground Tights in my shopping cart? Yes, yes they are. I admit it.

5 Faves & a Dud: 10/22/19 Edition

Favorite #1: In Movement Tight ($108) in Brushed Spray Dye Lunar Purple Intergalactic

If I exercise self control and buy ONLY ONE item from this week’s upload, these are undeniably it. I love purple. I love celestial-ish looking prints. I love these tights.


Favorite #2: Speed Up Short *Long Updated Fit ($58) in Ice Cave

Also uploaded in the shorter version, Speed Up Short 2.5″.

Favorite #3: All Tied Up Tank ($44) in Short Serve Stripe White Black

Favorite #4: Align Crop ($88) in Garnet

Favorite #5: Ebb to Train Tight *Wash ($118) in Marvel/Black/Black

Usually I gloss over the Ebb to Whatever options, but I really like the subtle striped gradient on these 🙂

The Dud: YOU tell ME!

Audience participation time!

There’s obviously a lot going on with the Roksanda collection this week, but that means it was also prime time to sneak in some seriously simple snoozy designs, like the All Yours Zip Hoodie, All Yours Hoodie, and All Yours Crew.

I can sit here and doze off as if the Dud isn’t going to come from the SE capsule, but we know it all is. But, I can’t choose. The skirt? The onesie? The Jacket? Drop your least favorite in the comments section!

Garnet’s Garnering All of My Attention

So I only featured one piece so the entirety of this post didn’t look like a glass of red wine, but I am loving all the Garnet options we are presented with this week:

Do you ever have one of those days when you blink at 6:30a and suddenly it’s 10p? Yeah, that’s me today. Drag it out of bed for a 5-miler before 7:00a. Race to work by 9. Vendor presentation at 10. Vendor lunch at 12. Conference Call at 4:30. Vendor dinner/drinks at 6. Don’t get home until 9. Blog until 10:13, longer if I don’t step away from the laptop right now.

Here’s hoping this food coma I’m in right now helps me get a good tempo run in tomorrow. Because truffle fries and sushi are the pre-workout meal staples of champions, amirite?

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  1. The Essential High Trouser is my dud. Pleats in the front and the seam across the back knee…why? From behind they look like zip off pants. I also agree the All Yoirs capsule is definitely snoozy.

    1. Same on the In Movements, I’m waiting to see if anything good drops on WMTM tomorrow before I place my order, just in case!

      I like the black/navy tights, but I’m waiting to see if they end up on markdown after a month or two. I am a fan, but not for full price.

      1. I do recommend going in store. I had to see four different pairs, as the dye effect causes some weird spots. The spots look like bleach and in my opinion, like you got them damaged. Some pairs are less noticeable than others.

  2. I can’t get over the coat. It is super ugly. I especially like the option that allows you to only have a coat on the front??? The onsie might be alright if you’re going for the “I’m about to drive a bobsled and never pee” look.

    1. Hahahaha on the bobsled thing – that will forever be #onesieproblems!

      The single-sided trench was probably the biggest head scratcher for me as well. To wear that layer on its own seems very odd.

  3. Oh no baby, what is you doin’?

    The color combos are fun, but there’s just so much going on. The tights are definitely the most wearable, but for the price I expect them to be Nulux. From past experience, I know that many seams will make me too uncomfortable anyway. The Swiftly is alright, and I might consider it *when* it (definitely) hits WMTM–along with all the other stuff. I’m just not a pink-wearin’ gal. My dud: the fugly coat that flatters no one…and LLL justifying the price with the 43298793847 ways you can make it look ugly.

    I buy LLL for one of two purposes: technical gear for getting sweaty in the gym or comfy/practical athleisurewear. This collection fits neither requirement and has no place in my closet.

    1. Excellent points across the board! I would have like to see a black/blue swiftly, but no dice. I expect lulu prices to jack up when a special edition collection released, but even I didn’t see the thousand-dollar price tag coming.

  4. Yep. I bought those In Movement Tights.

    The Roksanda collection was fun to look at, but not actually buy and wear. Too impractical, too pricey. I agree with you that the black/navy/yellow tights are pretty cool, but I decided that I loved the In Movement Tights more!

    1. The biggest “this makes no sense” for me aside from the puffy jacket creation were the skirt and track pants. All of the other gear could at least be used in a functional manner (yes, even the onesie). Team space tights though, my local store looks to have a pair in stock so I may scoot over and see if I can score them tonight. If not, I’ll place an order tomorrow after WMTM uploads, just to see if there are any new/fun markdowns to add to the mail day fun 🙂

  5. It is all too much. I don’t get the coat unless you get it for a costume. Maybe in a Broadway show it would work? The tights look like the most wearable items but too expensive for me to take a chance. The define jacket’s sleeves are way too wide It would just drag through my food.

    1. I think this week was the perfect time to sneak in a lot of plain pieces amidst the distraction of the Roksanda collection. I went to my local store last night and the selection was minimal.

    1. The special collection is a little out there, but for me, the absolute dud was the all yours boyfriend ultra crop?!? WTF?? So bizarre. Why even wear it? Just wear your sports bra on its own and skip the $44 for sleeves. It was the weirdest thing in the upload.

      I like the tights from the special collection, but not for $168. I will wait for MD.

      OT- My heartthrob ls swiftly came. The color is gorgeous! I LOVE it!! Katy, you were totally right. My tts fit just fine. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down, so I can wear it!

      1. So I’ve been thinking. The only thing I could POSSIBLY think of as a use case for the Ultra Crop is race mornings or CrossFit warmups. I admit I sometimes walk around with my LS rolled up during squats so that a second shirt isn’t adding bulk under my lifting belt.

        Otherwise… race start. People LOVE arm warmers, but I don’t understand how they are easily stashable. This thing, at least it’s one piece and can more easily wrap around like a belt without the floppy part once you get moving.

        Aesthetically, I don’t understand it. Functionally, in an odd way… now that I’ve put some thought into it… I kinda sorta have a use case for it

        EDIT: NEVER MIND IT’S SHORT SLEEVED NOT LONG SLEEVED. My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. This top continues to make no sense.

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