The Fitting Room: Barry’s x Lululemon, Align Jogger Crop & More


Oh, Minneapolis. The fun part of being in a city with a big ol’ lululemon is they get a big ol’ selection of the fancy special edition capsules. I was able to visit the Mall of America somewhat on the heels of the lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp collaboration’s release, and MOA had tons in stock. My socks weren’t entirely blown off by the selection, but I was feeling sassy and spendy at that point in time after not having made a lululemon purchase in over 6 weeks.

Like a kid in a candy store with a $20 in hand, I legitimately entertained the idea of buying the crazy shiny space woman jacket. Until I tried it on. While the jacket wasn’t out of this world like I anticipated, the MOA trip still ended the dry spell. 💸💸💸

Stronger as One Jacket ($168) in Titanium Foil

I can wear some crazy stuff and get away with it, so I was feeling in the fun mood like I would be able to pull this jacket off like a freakin’ champ. I grabbed an 8, and it was short in the sleeves and body. I came to my senses and thought long and hard about my lack of appropriate venues to wear a space suit looking jacket.

So, I did not bother heading back out in the store to try the 10. If I want to be fun and shiny, I have last year’s reflective Seawheeze Pack It Up Jacket and an old school Run: Reflective Jacket for that. Speaking of, this pretty much fits like a Pack It Up. I’ve been a bit slow on the blog train these last few weeks, so this has surprisingly sold out in Titanium Foil. Matte Black Foil is still up for grabs if you’re so inclined 😎

Swiftly Speed Racerback ($58) in White/White/Black

I want to love the Swiftly Speed Racerback and the traditional Swiftly Tech Racerbacks as much as I love the versions with sleeves, but I just don’t think they’re meant for me.

I like the fabric, but I always look a bit like a schmo in them. Hey, tank top, it’s not you, it’s me.

Sculpt Tank ($68) in Brushed Spray Dye White Purple Ink

For running in hot weather, the breathable Sculpt Tank is my number one go-to tank. I figured why the F not try the tie-dyed version on for fun, and I was a little bit caught off guard. While the mesh and solid colored panels are the luxtreme you’d expect, the dyed front panel is NOT stretchy.

It feels to be the same fabric that a two-way strech Speed Short is made of. It still fits the same, but there’s not as much wiggle room in getting it on and off as what you’d expect from a traditional Sculpt.

Side Note: WHAT IS UP WITH MY FACE in the second photo. I probably needed a nap.

Back in Action Long Sleeve ($58) in Cut Back Stripe White Black

To be honest, I did it for the stripes. My intentions were to hunt down the Brunswick Muscle Tank in this colorway, but the store didn’t have my size in stock. In trying to break out of my Swiftly Tech and ‘any other black crew neck’ rut, I gave this loosey goosey piece a go.

I sized down to a 6. It’s a little snug in my arms, which I often go up to a 10 on Swiftly LS to accommodate, but I’m willing to deal with the fit in the arms for the more fitted torso that I won’t get lost in. It’s all about compromise. $58 of compromise, because I brought this top home with me.

Align Jogger Crop ($88) in Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green

I should have known better that taking camo/Align anything into the fitting room was going to result in an $88 decision. The Align Jogger has gotten many rave reviews, but I’d never tried them on before. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement.

They aren’t quite as tight as the Align Pant up top, but they are fitted in the waist and hips, and do NOT feature the dreaded drop crotch. Letting the crop hang at their natural length isn’t my first choice look, but once I scrunched them up to mid calf, I was sold. If you don’t already own a pair, you’re missing out.

Rule the Day LS ($88) in Black & Code Blue

Sizing on this LS abandons the traditional numbers we expect from lululemon and come in XS-S-M-L-XL. I went straight for a size M. The torso is long, possibly longer than an original CRB – I will have to double check and get back to the world on this.

The fabric is an amazingly soft yeat weighty modal material that felt simultaneously cozy the second I put it on. I know I said the thing about the black crew neck rut just a few moments ago, but… yeah I own this now too.

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  1. It must have been fun going to a bigger store! The store within driving distance for me doesn’t tend to get many of the items from collaborations or capsule collections (unless they are returns from someone who ordered online).
    I thought the Barry’s Bootcamp collection was cute and I did end up ordering the red embossed 28” luxtreme leggings. Thankfully I ordered a size up because these have some major compression and I’m used to the less compressive Nulux Fast and Frees.
    I wish Lululemon would reach out more in their marketing. I think they would make more sales and reach more people if they gifted athletic wear items to bloggers and Youtubers to review. I might have ordered more if I had seen photos and heard/read reviews about them.
    I always appreciate your reviews and photos!

  2. Omg I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that for some reason does not enjoy the look of myself in the swiftly tanks haha

  3. Could you please comment on the sizing of the Align Jogger Crop? I have to size down in the Align pants and not sure what size to order in these. Thank you! 😊

  4. So what’s the tea on the Swiftly Speed Racerback vs the Swiftly Tech? I chatted with GES, but it seemed like they didn’t really know and were making it up as they typed. Have you noticed that some of the Swiftly Tech fabrics are different? For example, the black/white striped one is suuuuuper stretchy, tight-fitting, and not as breathable.The “normal” ones are meshy, stretchier, and what I consider to be a true Swiftly tech. I was thinking the Speed version might be that weird stretchy odd-ball version – but apparently not, as the black/white one (I bought & returned) is still classified as a “tech.”

    1. Not sure about Katy’s thoughts on sizing, but I’m jumping in because I’m wearing my new pair of Align Jogger Crops today….to work, no less! I recently just discovered these versatile babies, too! I wear a 2 in regular Aligns and purchased a 2 in these as well. I recommend going with your usual Align size. Note: There is a seam on the top waistband in the back of the joggers, but the front is seamless like regular Aligns. The waistband is similar to ATRP.

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