The Fitting Room: September Lululemon Roundup


NO WONDER it took me 18 million years in the fitting room last night. I thought I was being conservative with the amount of stuff I took in with me last night but NOPE, 12 pieces. I needed a nap after that.

Sizing Notes: I’m 5’9″ and a TTS 8 on top and a TTS 10 on the bottom in lululemon.

The Fitting Room: September 2019 Lululemon Roundup

Wunder Puff Jacket ($248) in Sunset Orange

Purely tried this on to make a little fun of burnt marshmallow vibes. I have a size 8 on and it’s roomy enough for a hoodie or two underneath. So. Much. Fluff. Aka toddler in a snowsuit.

Pave New Ways Full Zip ($128) in Black/White

As noted in last night’s 5FD, the Pave New Ways Full Zip is a very roomy fit. Shown here is a TTS. I didn’t love the bulk of the gathered fabric at the sleeve cuffs. Again, super cozy feeling, but a bit bulky for my personal tastes.

Get Set Long Sleeve ($78) in Spaced Out Space Dye Black White

Didn’t love didn’t hate, just a healthy dose of indifference.

Close to Crossing Long Sleeve *Rulu ($88) in Space Dye Camo Plumful Smoky Blush (Size M) & Space Dye Camo White Silver Spoon (Size L)

It’s meant to fit slim, so the sizing can make or break a look. I stayed TTS on the outer photos, but went up to an L in the White/Silver Spoon option. I don’t know why the F I didn’t bring it home with me last night.

The bonus for me is that in a lot of the front knot/criss cross designs lately, I’m so tall that my higher rise pants don’t cover my belly button and the shirts stop just above, so there’s some really weird peekaboo action going on. Thankfully with this top, it’s *just* long enough that it doesn’t happen for me.

Breeze By Long Sleeve *Squad ($78) in Sea Frost

Another winner. I think I was feeling cheap at this point in the game. I’ve been looking at the bag of SeaWheeze gear that my friend Krystle picked up for me in Vancouver and my wallet’s been screaming at me ever since.

Sea Frost as a color is a winner for me, though. I was afraid it would end up dull IRL, but I like it just the medium way it is.

Emerald Long Sleeve *Fade ($64) in Washed Purple Ink

Purple pairs well with my green eyes, but the shape of the Emerald LS doesn’t really do anything crazy flattering for me, so it was easy to keep moving on.

On Repeat Dress ($148) in Heathered Core Dark Grey/Black

Another ALMOST but not quite. I did my best to picture myself in a pair of Sorels in the winter months in this dress. Not quite cool enough outsidet, but I am definitely keeping this on my radar in case it arrives on We Made Too Much. Shown is a TTS 8 and high five everyone, it’s got pockets. 🙂

Sights Seen Jacket ($128) in True Navy (Size 8) & Black (Size 10)

I hhhhhate having to blow photos out to show the detail in black stuff, but until stores start putting in NICE ASS LIGHTING in fitting rooms so people can showcase their offerings properly, a Lightroom’s gotta do what a Lightroom’s gotta do.

True Navy is shown in a TTS 8 and I felt choked out when the jacket was zipped up. Felt much more comfortable in a 10. I liked the ruching that reminds me of cute things lululemon used to do over half a decade ago. The only reason I chose the Far and Free over this piece was the lack of hood.

Fleece Flurry Jacket ($168) in Marvel

Cozy, but again TTS is pretty snug. I was layering one a Sweaty Betty LS underneath and there really wasn’t room for much else in here. Great to go under a vest, but if you want this to be an outer layer, consider sizing up.

Run to Reset Tight 25″ ($128) in Black/Frozen Island Multi

A TTS 10 felt oddly tight to pull up and on, but then fit completely normal once they were on. They’re a slippery-feeling Nulux, but TBH don’t have too many special features. Nowhere to stick your phone, just a few slim coin pockets in the waistband that I noticed. Reflective racing stripe down the side. Eh.

Ready Set Cargo Pant ($118) in Dark Olive

Tried as I did to stick my hand in my pocket, strike a pose and call it FASHUN, I could not make these work. They are a low-mid rise, which tall Katy didn’t feel all that comfortable in. They are a heavier material, so they felt a bit on the bulky side. Also a little bit of the droopy crotch action that I don’t love.

I’d say they are cut like On the Fly’s, but fit slightly smaller. OTFs I have sized down when trying them on before. These, I would stay TTS because I don’t recall them having a ton of stretch. Not a bad look from the front, but I look so blah from the back it was easy to put these back and keep on shopping.

Far and Free Jacket ($128) in Black

What do I love? A thin little running jacket for airplanes. What do I already have? A thin little running jacket for airplanes. What do I now have one more of? A thin little running jacket for airplanes.

Selling point on this jacket for me is that there is a TEENY TINY thin little hood tucked into the collar, but it doesn’t add the bulk like some of my other options do. It’s small enough that the collar doesn’t uncomfortably bop and flop around when it’s packed in.

Size wise, shown here is an 8 which is choking me out a bit. I opted to go up to a 10. One more fun fact: the inside of the bottom hem has silicone nubs on it to help the jacket from riding up. It’s the little things that make me go “oooh,” and the register go “cha ching!”

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  1. Toddler in a snowsuit + the silly look in the first pic= me laughing so hard, my kids kept asking me what was so funny!

    Great reviews!! I like both Sights Seen Jacket and the On Repeat Dress. Not enough to buy at full price, but I’ve got my eye on them for WMTM!!

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