5 Faves & a Dud: 10/15/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Maybe you saw in my insta story from earlier this evening, maybe you didn’t. Completely unrelated to lululemon, I admittedly let little things like clutter and not-all-that-difficult things to do pile up even when I know adulting really isn’t that difficult. Ive got the discipline when it comes to getting a run in, but not so much when it comes to toothpaste scuzz.

Having gotten my run in this morning, I was able to go home after work right around 5:30p. I got home and said it’s too early for dinner but it’s also too early to sink into the couch. Often, I just need a kick in the mental pants and break things into manageable bits. I told myself that I was free to do whatever I wanted for one hour, as long as it was useful, and I was up on my feet. (Read: no scrolling instagram)

I set a timer on my watch for an hour and away I went. I managed to get a full load of laundry into the washer and dryer, pulled about 10 pieces from my closet to put into the growing “Donate” pile, and filled my newfound hanger space with items from my increasingly mountainous pile of long sleeve shirts.

Before I knew it, my hour was up and I still had motivation to deal with the dishes in the sink. That being said… if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by life overall, try breaking it down into little time increments instead of arbitrary tasks. Totally worked for this master procrastinator and now I feel accomplished AF.

5 Faves & a Dud: 10/15/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($78) in Ice Cave

Since using the front page grid layout on my blog, I don’t think I’ve had as much BLACK front and center as I have the last few weeks. Time to jazz it up and call me Elsa because Ice Cave is a fantastic place to start.

Favorite #2: Rest Less Pullover ($88) in Aqua Smoke/White

Now we’re talking.

Favorite #3: Snow Warrior Parka ($448) in Garnet

This parka is absolutely gorgeous. I have no business entertaining the thought of procuring yet another goose down jacket (you’re welcome, wallet) without locking down a home address in Svalbard first… but here I am drooling over this beauty.

Favorite #4: Show Me the Sherpa Jacket ($198) in Black

Last Christmas, there was exactly ONE sherpa-lined Scuba Hoodie in my local lululemon, and I promptly snapped it up. Then I gave it to my Mom. She LOVES the thing and I’ve been wishing for the last 10 months that I had something lulu sherpa too.

On the lighter side, it also comes in heathered ceramic, which is a bit like stone.

Favorite #5: Cold Pacer High Rise Tight ($128)

Alright Runners, our annual dose of Tech Fleece is here! It was in the low 40’s this morning, so today’s the first time I had to put on sleeves since April. Before we know it, tech fleece tights will be mandatory.

Showing Night Diver to illustrate the fun detail, know that they also come in black and honeycomb (because we all want yellow fleecy pants).

The Dud: Enough Puff Jacket ($228) in Mauve Stone/Black

Ok so how about no.

Run Goodies & Other Fun Stuff

  • First was the vest, now lululemon’s thrown its Baller Hat Run: Ponytail in the ring with its first running belt. The Fast and Free Run Belt runs $38 and is made from Ultralu, not Nulux. Despite my FlipBelt allegiance, I’m curious.
  • Also, I wasn’t being punny just for the joke’s sake, the ponytail hat is back.

Always Airy

Not quite sure the shorts match the other options, but here is the mini capsule of the week. The crops and tights are both available in Night Diver & Black, the shorts come in Ice Cave, Black and (ugh!) Honeycomb.

GET IT?! Diver? Goggles? Time to step away from the laptop, Katy. I’ve got a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket (thanks Dad!) and I must choose wisely.

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  1. The snow warrior parka looks good except for the sleeves. They look like they would be too short and I can not stand that. Some of the parkas last year were the same when I tried them on . I have noticed Lululemon has shortened some of their sleeves on some of their stuff and that is what I really used to liked about them – the long sleeves. I have Raynauds too and need my hands to stay warm. Jenn

    1. I have Raynaud’s too so I definitely feel you on how important gloves are. When I got my Canada Goose last year at first I was a little miffed that the sleeves felt short. But then, when I got outside and got my giant winter gloves on it all made sense. When it’s freezing enough to wear a giant down jacket, chances are 100% I’ve got heavy gloves to go with it, and those don’t immediately stop at the base of my hand, they go a few inches past. I realized if the sleeves extended past the base of my hand there would be a super uncomfortable backup of two incredibly heavy materials fighting for the same 3-4 inches of real estate.

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