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I use the -ISH suffix, because my poor lil WMTM posts have gotten the shaft in the last few weeks. WHOOPS. So, this isn’t necessarily an OMG what’s new this week, but a heads of the reasonable options that are still kicking around on lululemon‘s We Made Too Much as of this posts’ writing.

WMTM Alert: The Some Point in August 2019 Edition

  • While I’m a F&F fan first, the Speed Up Crop has a solid hold on second place. Dark olive is down to $69 in ALL sizes. Giddy up.
  • Slightly lighter on the green spectrum is the grey sage Fast & Free Crop II, but those will still knock you down $89
  • Free to Be Bra *Wild – Tidal Teal, $39, sizes 8-14
  • I got a hot sunrise yesterday morning running Virtual SeaWheeze, now I can get a hot sunset Cool Racerback. For $39. Sizes 0, 2, 4, and 12 can snag the Hotty Hot Short II *Long in this shade as well (shown below).
  • While the lighter colors are a bit sheer, the black Cross Court Play Short Sleeve is a an excellent find for $44. I own one and TTS 8 fits great with a little room in the midsection that isn’t too baggy.
  • Size 0, 2, and 4 are the lucky ones on the brisk blue Mist Over Windbreaker!
  • Stride emboss black is a slick look, so I’m surprised to see the Align Pant 31″ arrive on WMTM. All the middle sizes (4, 6, 8, 10) are sold out, but the bookend sizes are in luck. In the Align Pant II 25″, only sizes 0 and 14 are available.
  • Talk about a smorgasboard of bright colors in the Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece. From L-R: Vivid Amber, Fantom Fuschia, Jet Stream, Cyprus, Calypso Pink and Heathered Honey Lemon.
  • All the Right Places Pant II are not cheap, and cayenne is a dark enough color that I would hope it’s not sheer. $89 is a far nicer price point than usual.
  • We’ve got a few rare black and/or white In Flux Jackets out in the wild: snag one before they’re gone if you’re in the market for a light jacket as the fall breeze kicks up. Black is only available in a 6, white in 2, 6 and 8. Silver fox is a bit more attainable.
  • It boggles my mind to see the Jet Stream Fast & Free Tight II 25″ marked down. FOr sizes 12 & 14 it’s winner winner gourmet chicken dinner #ChickFilA #justkiddingitsSunday
  • I’m not a jogger girl, but the Dance Studio Jogger makes me happy. !2 is the only size available so heads up: TTS is roomy and nice, so if you’re a 10 looking to go up in size to save a few dollars, you may want to reconsider.
  • I am LIVING for the Pace Rival Skirt II *Tall lately, and the only reason I haven’t pounced on Moonwalk is the graphite purple one I’m wearing right now. There are phone pockets on BOTH sides of the shorts. It’s genius.
  • The Seek Simplicity Tank is down to $29 in Wasabi and Breezy, Powdered Mauve and Polar Ice are $34.
  • I’m afraid to say “with fall around the corner” because some psycho with a PSL is going to come from out of the woodwork being like OMG I LOVE FALL, but… with fall around the corner the Deep Ruby and Midnight Navy Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crews are looking pretty appealing right now now. Heads up, deep ruby has some floral action woven in.
  • I managed to ride out the initial markdown on the Throw it On Dress in my size, but it’s still there to test the willpower of people who aren’t a size 8.
  • My two favorite Energy Bra options: Elixir (10 only) and Tribal Pace Energy Bra White Black
  • Secret Socks are unquestionably the best mini socks I’ve ever worn, and will ever wear. A 3-pack for $29 is worth capitalizing on.
  • Red shorts. Who wants red shorts? Flamenco Red is a frickin’ NICE red (IMHO), and while not necessarily brand new adds, the Tracker Short V and the Speed Up Short 2.5″ are both still up for grabs.
  • Size 4’s still have a shot at the Modern Stripe Heathered Black White Emerald Long Sleeve for $39.

Not too many retail ledges for me to personally back off of, I was already too slow on the plain black To the Beat Tight from the SoulCycle capsule (legit waited almost 6 months for them to get marked down). Whoops. Better luck next Thursday on another pair of black tights that I probably don’t need. 😂

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  1. I can’t believe how many colors of scubas are in WMTM!! I’m remembering back to the early days of my obsession, when it was super rare for a scuba to make it to MD. I’m kind of glad the floral spritz is out of stock in my size. My collection has grown too big for my closet.

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