The Fitting Room: Athleta Ultra Skinny Sculptek & More


Call me Canadian because I’m going all in on playing ketchup with my somewhat recent fitting room visits at the Mall of America. I went to Athleta with a specific pair of Sculptek Denim in mind, but that didn’t stop me from giving a handful of other items a go while I was there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sizing notes: I’m 5’9″, wear an 8 in lululemon tops and a 10 on the bottom. Often translates to an M at Athleta.

Speedlight Camo Top ($69) in Black

9/10 liked it, but didn’t 11/10 love it. I tried an M on, and it’s a slim fit. I appreciated the silicone nubs on the bottom hem to keep it in place. I knew I was going to get spendy on the jeans I headed in for, so I opted to leave it behind. Tall ladies will be happy to find that there’s a generous amount of length in the torso.

Cadence Tee ($33.99) in Paradise Blue

Tried this one on because sale rack. Wonderful color, but it ran pretty large. I had more than enough room in the M, consider sizing down.

Foothill Tank ($39.99) in Fiber Optic

Honestly grabbed it because I mistook it for the Speedlight Tank while it was out on the display table. (I’m still learning names, ok?) I fell victim to a bit of static cling, whomp whomp.

As with the Cadence, size M yielded quite the generous fit which was only remedied by tying the back. I liked the tied look, but it didn’t feel like a necessary addition to the rotation, given that I don’t wear my lulu All Tied Up’s every day.

Fiber Optic is marked down, a regular priced color like black will run you $49.

Speedwork Tank ($59) in Sonic Mint

The sweetheart neckline with the mesh caught my eye, and I was excited that the sonic mint is slightly more neon IRL than it shows in Athleta’s stock photos.

Size M is fun and roomy, but the fabric is super thin. The flattering front unfortunately wasn’t matched in the back, so I had to pass. Pardon the excess of photos, I was really feelin’ myself from the front ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Speedlight Tank ($44) in Fiber Optic

Given that I own somewhere around 25+ lululemon Cool Racerback Tanks, I’ve simply never tried on one of these Athleta cores because I haven’t needed. Plain tanks in all the colors, got those bases covered. BUT, I was curious.

It’s a slippery slope, and I’m about to go DOWNNNNNN. Only reason I left this one behind was suitcase space. Tank top collection’s about to grow.

Sutton Romper ($78.99) in Hibiscus Red

Had. HAD TO try it on once I saw this one on sale. I love me a good Athleta romper, and there was a lone 10 on the rack beckoning to me. I have nowhere to wear it, and there was some bunching in the front that wasn’t doing me any favors, so the red stayed behind despite how snap happy I got with the camera.

But now, I see that the black one is on sale and I can’t help but want it all over again. Calm that retail flex, Katy. CALM IT DOWN.

Pavana Crop Tank ($54) in Black

This crop tank is a little bit out of my realm. My personal style doesn’t generally fall in with ‘Instagram Fit Chick’, but in the insanely hot weather we’ve been having, I wanted something small that could serve as a layer between my sports bra and hydration vest to prevent chafing. I was sick of bunching up a Sculpt Tank and jamming it into my bra’s band.

Sizing on this one is a bit strange with overlapping letters: XXS/XS is an option, but then there’s XS/S, S/M, M/L, and L/XL. Normally I’d have gone for an M/L, but all there was in stock was an L/XL. Go figure it fit just right. So, I bought it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun fact: this also comes in regular length.

Sculptekโ„ข Ultra Skinny Zip Jean Carbon Wash ($118)

Saving the best for last, the item I went into the store for. Since discovering Athleta Sculptek Denim last spring, that’s the only denim I have even purchased since then. My black Hudsons are starting to show that I’ve put them through a lot, so I was excited to see a carbon wash variety come out this season after missing out on the last run.

I haven’t physically changed in size, so my 2018 Medium and Quartz washes are comfortable 8’s. I do remember the super light wash 8 from last summer felt oddly small. So, I grabbed both an 8 and 10 in these.

I got the 8’s up and on, but they just weren’t comfortable. The 10’s fit perfectly without feeling like they’d be too big after wearing them for a few hours. So, if you’re in between sizes, err up on these. When Athleta says ultra skinny, they mean ULTRA skinny. Anyone with large calves may not love how they feel. I haven’t really worn mine out of the house yet thanks to too much comfort food and not enough exercise.

I still love them, and once I get out of work like and back into normal life (aka real pants), I will be wearing these a ton.


On my feet: Nike Free x Metcon 2 ($107.96) in white/black/laser fuschia

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  1. Looooooove these try-ons.
    As always, you’re looking super fit. Now I’m off to buy a speedlight tank. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. YES GIRL, COME TO THE DARK SIDE! The speedwork looks awesome on you but I have to say the speedlight tanks are just so practical for every situation (I’m wearing an old version today dressed up with joggers and flats!)

  3. I bought the light grey skinnys during the sale. I love the color! My tts fit was a little tight, so I can’t even imagine what the ultra skinnys would be like!! The regular skinnys have enough stretch that the tight fit is okay. I’m not sure if sizing up would be the wrong move? The reviews say this particular pair does relax somewhat. I’m going to keep my tts and see. I like the carbon pair on you.

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