5 Faves & a Dud: 8/20/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

This year was the first year since running my first in 2016 that I’ve had to watch lululemon’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon from the sidelines. Not even the in-person sidelines, but the RTRT.me live tracker, cheering on my Coach, Joanna, her husband Marc and one of my bffs, Krystle all the way from a laptop in Queens.

Not how I love to spend SeaWheeze weekend. Yet somehow, I managed to still spend a few hundo by proxy at the Showcase store, thanks to Krystle not stocking up to the 10-item limit for herself. Here are a few snapshots she sent while she was shopping:

So I virtually shopped. I virtually cheered. This week, I will virtually RUN.

How’s it going to go? WHO KNOWS. To describe my running schedule over the last few weeks: intermittent at best. I’d originally planned to participate alongside everyone on Saturday, but with everything going on in my life lately, I wasn’t physically or mentally prepared.

Overnight lows are in the high 70’s lately, so on Friday morning when it’s supposed to be 64, I’M GOING FOR IT! I don’t know how fast I will be going for it, seeing that the hotel treadmills have wreaked havoc on my shins in the last few days.

Any suggestions or tricks you use aside from RICE to calm that -ish down before my 13.1-miler in the park later this week, PLEASE oh please share them in the comments section!

5 Faves & a Dud: 8/20/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Fast and Free Crop II ($118) in Vitalize Multi

The aesthetic looks awfully similar to those crazy-colored Fast & Frees from SeaWheeze (which I totally got). SeaWheeze has got more of a yellow base. I know I said in a previous post that it would be GAME OVER if these released in a F&F design, but now with the SeaWheeze version on its way to me, I’m not sure if they’re different to warrant a second splurge inside 7 days.

The colourway also comes in tights, shorts, etc. More on that later.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra *Crescent ($58)

I don’t always love gimmicky Energy Bras, but I’m excited for this one. The cutouts are on-trend, but the classic fit and support everyone expects from an Energy remains.

Probably my favorite Energy Bra spinoff since the braided version of 2018. Pictured is Tempest Blue, also available in black.

Favorite #3: Rain Rebel Jacket ($228) in frontier

Not the most cutting edge choice in the book, but anyone who purchases this one will get mileage out of it for years. Frontier, not to be confused with the lighter Sandlot.

Favorite #4: Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in amalfi blue

Here for the color more than the style. Amalfi blue was big time fun time back in August 2017, and I managed to keep my chill by only picking up a Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve and the Shine & Stride Tank back then.

If we get another round of amalfi blue, my bottom line is in TROUBLE.

Favorite #5A & 5B: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve ($78) in dark red & heartthrob

I can’t choose. I like them both. I have neon pink & flamenco red already, but……… 😇😇😇

The Dud: Sun Setter Jogger ($98) in Tempest Blue

The inseam is too far toward the front and I simply cannot look away. That is not a good thing. These have to head to WMTM ASAP OKTHXBYE.

Sponge Paint Art Class Graffiti Monster Vibes

…are not a bad thing. In fact, Vitalize Multi will match almost any color you pair with it. The 90’s-ish vibe is BACK and ready to make some totally far out(fits).

Forgive me, my pun game is pretty weak today. I think I peaked earlier this afternoon when I asked my coworker what the scoop was on the 3pm ice cream listed on our schedule.

Also Marveling At…

  • Marvel. In particularly, the Fast and Free Tight II Non-Reflective. If you ask me if it’s possible to have too many F&Fs in one’s collection, I am going to say the limit does not exist.

I was going to keep rambling on, but I admittedly got distracted by the television and now it’s after my bedtime. That 5:14a wakeup call is catching up and kicking my behind.

If you’re reading this… I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of my thoughts. After coffee.

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  1. If you’re still in the city and can get to a place with air compression boots, highly recommend! Mile High Run Club’s NoMad location has a recovery room, plus a few of the physical therapy places rent them out as well for 30 minute intervals on ClassPass. I used them the night before my goal half marathon last fall and they really helped (also great for recovery after).

  2. Ah yes–Vitalize Multi is everything I hoped it would be from that scrunchie uploaded last week. I’m crossing my fingers it shows up in the Speed Up 2.5’s with a fun-colored waistband. Maybe an Invigorate Bra, too.

    I saw the Dark Red LS Swiftly in stores a couple of weeks ago and was tempted. It’s drool-worthy, but I’m kind of at the point where I rarely pay full price for much. Nearly everything hits WMTM these days. (By the way, I am glad I purchased the Hot Sunset Speed Up 2.5’s at full price. Those puppies have been sold out for a while, and I absolutely love the color and slightly different swift fabric. They are way stretchier than my Speed Ups in other colorways.)

  3. That Amalfi blue is giving me life! Unfortunately I need another Scuba Hoodie like I need a hole n my head. I’m hoping it will show up in other items. I didn’t pull the trigger on the Marvel Fast and Frees. It looked different in the various photos, so it’s hard to know how it looks IRL. I’m also wondering how similar it is to Dark Adobe and Garnet.

  4. Short distance runner, almost always on treadmill, and if I don’t wear compression calf sleeves, I suffer. More calves for me, but they supposedly help shin splints too.

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