5 Faves & a Dud: Hello Shiny Object

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

First off, apologies for being all out of sorts this last week and a half. The SeaWheeze online showcase bananas distracted me from a WMTM alert, and with my full time job taking up 97% of my time and energy not spent sleeping, AthletiKaty readers need a little more love!

So, I love you. I love the new super in your face hot pink uploaded on Tuesday. I love coffee. It only took until my final full day in Minneapolis (I’ve been here for WEEKS) to finally make it to Penny’s, my favorite hipster coffee spot in town and DAMN THIS CAPPUCCINO IS LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Gonna keep this post quick because:

  • You’ve already probably cruised this week’s upload two days ago
  • The more time I spend typing is the more my lil field trip to the Mall of America to try on ALL THE THINGS gets pushed into the future

Speedy blogger mode, ENGAGE! 🦸🏼‍♀️

5 Faves & a Dud: 8/6/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Speed Up Short Long *Updated Fit ($58) in Heartthrob

Much like I used to scream like a little girl over Leonardo DiCaprio (in the Romeo + Juliet era) and the Backstreet Boys in the late 90’s I went nuts for this aptly named hot pink when I saw it upload.

This pink is so bright, it’s bleeding on my screen. Unsure if it’s possible to be brighter than razzle, or raspberry glo, but they just might be. If I’m not dressed full ninja, my other vibe is traffic cone. Yes please to these.

Favorite #2: Align Pant 25″ Petal ($118) in black

The scalloped WUC have been a hit in the past, so it only makes sense that sooner or later the basic black with the cult-like following was going to get its own limited edition makeover.

I just typed “I dig it”, but then backspaced. I feel like I say that too much and need a new short phrase of approval. It’s time to put the shovel away. 😬

Favorite #3: Rule the Day Long Sleeve ($68)

Everyone knows my personal style when it comes to everyday outfits is simple: skinnies & crew necks. A good ol’ black long sleeve isn’t something I need more of, but the longer length and double detail around the neck is just enough for me to tell myself I should own this LS.

Maybe I’ll get frosted mulberry or code blue just to throw the universe for a loop. I’m feeling sassy.

Favorite #4: Brunswick Muscle Tank ($44) in Cut Back Stripe White Black

Ask the slew of StitchFix stylists who’ve curated boxes for me over the last few years, I have a tough time turning down any sort of horizontal stripes.

Also, I’m sitting here happily clacking away while wearing a Brunswick Muscle Tank and wouldn’t hate adding a new friend to the collection.

Favorite #5: Stronger as One Jacket ($168) in Titanium Foil

A few more straggler pieces from the Barry’s Bootcamp collaboration snuck into the mix this week, and one is definitely an attention grabber: this jacket. The other late add is the black Adapt the Strap Bra.


Does the Stronger as One Jacket look like a post-marathon space blanket? Yes. Does it look like it came straight out of the crowd at Electric Daisy? Yes. Does it look like rumpled up aluminum foil? Yes.

DO I THINK IT’S AWESOME?! Also yes. Seeing that I didn’t buy anything in the online SeaWheeze Showcase and won’t be in Vancouver for the real deal this year… maybe just maybe this will be my annual piece of utterly crazy frivolity.

I texted my coach Joanna and asked her if she’d still be my friend if I got this jacket. She said yes… as long as I promise not to wear it in her presence.

The Dud: Calm and Serene Tank ($44)

I appreciate the effort with the adjustable cinch back, but it’s an odd construction. The fabric drapes in an unflattering way along the bottom. Easy add to the NOPE list for me.

Honorable Mention

  • Speaking of stripes, check out the Step Stripe Plumful Arctic Plum Love Tee V
  • Free to Be Bra (Wild) in heartthrob, I heart you too.
  • The jet stream Pace Rival Skirt has restocked in both Regular and Tall lengths 🥳
  • Only reason I’m featuring the Uplifting Scrunchie is because I want Vitalize Multi to happen in some really crazy pants. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Now that my massive order of avo toast is down the hatch, it’s time to rock and roll to somewhere I haven’t been SINCE JUNE.


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  1. I’m not a pink-wearin’-gal, but Heartthrob caught my eye, too! However, I noticed it looks different across the various pieces, so I’m curious to see just how bright it really is. Example: the Speed Up Short 2.5 looks a bit dull.

    Night Diver, Panorama, and Vitalize Multi are all so pretty! If my staple pieces release in these, my wallet is a goner.

    1. Saw it in person today, actually purchased the FTBW. Both ‘versions’ on the website seem wrong to me after seeing it in IRL. Think of it as a saturated boom juice with maybe the TINIEST hint of salmon/coral. I’ll post a comparison once I get through the laundry pile ☺️

  2. Katy, if you happen to try on the Rule the Day LS please post some try on pics and let me know your thoughts on the material. I do love the color options!

  3. I ordered heartthrob hotty hots and energy bra – i really want the shorts but wary that colors look different so the bra is my back up.

      1. I can’t wait to get it. If I like it, I feel like it’s one of those items I may need in more than one color…

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