2019 SeaWheeze Exclusives: Full Collection Preview


After the dust has settled on the online shop snafu, some of you saw that I got sassy on Twitter asking lululemon what they were doing to keep things secure and exclusive to registered runners only. The sad answer I got from the social media team was…

“I can’t guarantee what will happen to their orders”… 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️


Anyhow, the annual low quality preview was released on social media channels yesterday, keep on scrollin’ for the screenshots.

2019 SeaWheeze Exclusives: Full Collection Preview

Looks like a neon zippy-ish green is back again, and cyprus and hyper blue are the dimmer jewel tones to keep it calm. The reflective’s got flecks of pink & purple, but it doesn’t look like the reflective paint is as heavy this year.


  1. Thanks for the photos. I think that Taylor and Eliza basically blew you off. 🤨 The “I’ll pass your concerns along…” doesn’t amount to hill of beans (or a Neo colored Swiftly).
    I don’t think Lululemon really cares as long as there is some hype and the gear sells out….and that pretty much stinks. Why bother pretending like it’s exclusive to those who have registered when it’s obviously not?

    1. Half of me wants to keep pushing buttons and ask who in eCommerce can I talk to about to get some answers on the lack of security for this stuff, the other half of me is like “It’s a shirt. Get over it.” 😒

  2. Thank you for the screen shots. I appreciate your effort highlighting each outfit. I was watching on YouTube over and over to figure what was what. 🤣

  3. I’m running in Vancouver, and I don’t even care about the showcase store and frantically buying something I probably will only like OK just because it’s “exclusive.” I didn’t bother registering for a shopping window for runners only. I have so much Lulu and workout apparel in general, and the idea of corralling in a line and dealing with the scene is just incredibly unappealing.
    I guess I’m getting too old for this crap. 🙂
    Also, as always, love your blog.

  4. I’m also frustrated with the response from Lulu’s customer service. I reached out to them as well explaining that I (still!) haven’t received an email with the shop link, and asking if registered runners who got missed in the email would get a discount code. The response was “At this time, we will not be providing compensation as you were emailed a link to our online shop the day it went live.”….So frustrating as a customer to not even be heard?

    I’m surprised at the lack of prints in this year’s SW collection! There’s just the reflective (which let’s face it, will sell out to the first wave), and then two or three prints by my count. To me solids just aren’t special enough to be my SW souvenir purchase.

  5. Unlike previous years I think for me this is a “Will have to see in person” collection. Nothing is jumping out at me as a must have. Maybe I just have too much already so I’m really looking for the wow factor that I’m not seeing. Maybe is the lack of prints and just solids. I get that the colours are exclusive but solids don’t stand out as exclusive to me. With all this said I’m sure i’ll come home with a suitcase full lol

    1. That was my attitude last year and that’s exactly what happened. Full suitcase. Prints are fun, but I end up picking up plenty of solids because that’s what I actually wear once the SeaWheeze fever subsides 😳

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