Review: Lululemon Runderful Pant


Dude. I really thought the third time was going to be a charm. At this rate, the only way I’m going to get lucky (in any sense of the word) is if I buy a box of these:

lucky-charmsLast Tuesday, once again lulu came out with a weather-resistant loose fitting pant, the much-anticipated Runderful Pant. I took a chance and flat out ordered a pair, not in the mood to wait and see if my local store even got them in. Ordering Wednesday night, they were kickin’ it on my doorstep by lunchtime on Saturday. Onward with the feedback!

The Fitting Room: Runderful Pant ($128) in black

First FIRST impression before I even opened the package – it was HEAVY. I knew these pants were double layered, but I didn’t expect that much weight.

Getting them on was another adventure. Because the Runderfuls have rulu leggings built in underneath, it wasn’t just an easy slide in (…that’s what she said).

It was a bit of a challenge, given that my heels like to get stuck when I’m trying to put leggings on, and it’s tougher doing it blind.

(Click photos above to enlarge)

THE FIT: Some reviews are saying to size up. They definitely felt tighter than expected in pulling them up over my CrossFit posterior, but once I got them up, they felt true to size. The waistband was the only part that felt smaller than expected when putting them on, but the pants fit as expected when they were up all the way. If you’re in between, size UP.

LENGTH: They left about 2in of space between the bottom of the pant and the floor on me, and I’m 5’9″. When I put sneakers on, they were long enough to hit my shoes and gather a little, instead of flapping in the breeze a la Steve Urkel.

POCKET SITUATION: As illustrated by the multiple rear views, there are none on the back. However, as you can see in the photos above, there are two zipper pockets that are a bit towards the front of the leg. This is a step up from the Wind Runner Pant, which I would have bought if they had pockets.

DETAILS: In addition to the front zip pockets, there are some mesh-covered reflective detailing around the knee area, reminiscent of last year’s Illumina Crop. There’s also some more of that action down around the inside cuff of the ankles.

TWO-FER EFFECT: The Runderfuls are essentially rulu tights with a weatherproof layer built in over them. They are incredibly cozy warm. To change up the look a bit, there are elastic cords to cinch the ankles up a little so you can show off the tighter layer underneath.


THE CRUX: You had to know it was coming… you had to know it was coming because I haven’t said OMG BUY THESE yet. I experienced what some other reviewers online did… the evil crotch bunching! I’m thinking it may be because I’m on the taller side.

As soon as I pulled these pants up so that the inner layer was comfortable, LOOK WHAT THEY DID. LOOK AT WHAT THEY FREAKING DID.

I don’t know if it’s because I have quads or because my hips are a bit higher due to my height, but it was not a good look for me. Having to take the time to bend over and rearrange the outer layer, I would think the mischief had been managed, only to stand up and feel the inner layer sagging down. I’m not Justin Bieber, I don’t like pants with droopy crotches, or pants even with the FEELING as such.

THE VERDICT: Honestly, I’m on the fence about these. They’re sitting nicely folded on my kitchen table, waiting if they will be returned to the mall or introduced to the rest of its lulu brethren upstairs in my closet. The concept is great, and I’m wondering if I could deal with having to adjust my pants on the fly whenever I stand up in the name of functionality. However, when I’m working outside it’s not always frigid. Chilly, yes, but I’m not working on top of a ski mountain or anything. They may be a little too warm for me.

I can’t promise the awkward crotch bunching is going to happen to everyone. Some reviewers have said UGH it does, others have indicated they haven’t had a problem at all. It all depends on your body type.

If you get cold all the time, do yourself a favor and try them on. While it wasn’t an instant love at first wear for me, the Runderful Pant could end up being your new favorite fall/winter pants.


  1. Thank you for the review. I’ve been waiting for someone to give an honest opinion on these pants. I think I’ve got them out of my system now.

  2. Thanks for the review! I’ve ordered these to try- I’m in need of some pants for cross country skiing and hoping these would work. Here’s to hoping there isn’t too much awkward bunching!

  3. Nice review! I tried these on in my TTS 6 and was disappointed in the fit – they looked pretty frumpalicious on me. I did not try sizing up to an 8, but am considering going back just to see. Where I think they could come in handy, if they don’t fit well I just can’t justify the price. I never got to try the elusive dog runners, but having seen pictures I wish they would have gone that direction instead. Maybe next year?!

  4. these pants are a no go for me mostly because it doesnt get cold enough to justify a pair of double layer tights. also … im short, and im unsure that these pants are hemmable.

    awesome review. w/ queso on top!

  5. Exactly how they look on me!!! I have muscular thighs and a deadlifter’s booty – and I got that crotch-pucker. I have been hesitating on returning, and maybe I’ll try a size up just to see if that fixes it (because I DO need this kind of cold-weather pant). But they are going to go back – your pics just confirmed (sorry!), I do NOT want that look going on down there!!! 🙂

  6. Same exact situation, mine are sitting in the (special edition, last one in the store!) bag with the tags still attached, despite me wearing them out twice with the tag tucked up (shhhhh). I’m usually a lulu 6 and I ended up getting a black 4. While it was a pain to get the 4 over my rear end, they have drastically less crotch bunching (though it is still there a bit, don’t get me wrong!) and overall just felt better. They’re a tad bit tight on my waist, but I’m pretty fluffy right now from the last two weeks of classes (aka cookies, wine, and the worst of all the cheap college foods).

    I have no idea whether I’ll keep them, and I honestly think I’m going to go running in them with the tag still attached once it cools down (literally ran in WTS shorts and a tank yesterday in NY). I know it’s gross, but they’re $130 and I’m too broke and these markups are too high to not test them first.

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