WMTM Alert: 7/25/19 Edition

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Oh hello Thurday, what did you bring me? Cyprus cyprus CYPRUS YES. Excited to see this awesome jewel tone get marked down this week. I’ve been eyeballing a few things (definite want don’t need), and so the self control is going to be tested this week.

WMTM Alert: 7/25/19 Edition

Gem & Jewel Tones

Because I opened up with obvious excitement, the two I’ve had my eyes on are the F&F shorts and the Tall Pace Rival Skirt.

So they’re not cyprus but Bermuda teal is damn close…

All the Rest of the Things

Stuff to Put Your Stuff In

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that’s available, some of the less cute swimwear made it in, along with the lemon print and the gorgeous red By the Bay One Piece.

There are over FOUR HUNDRED items lollygagging around We Made Too Much.

*cue old lady voice*

“Back in myyy ddaaaayyy there were like… 37 items!”

If you’ve got a few extra minutes to kill, I recommend heading on over to WMTM and seeing if any of your recent favorites have made an appearance. 🙂

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  1. Is anyone else having a hard time checking out? I keep getting “too many redirects”. Nothing I do on my end seems to clear that.

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