Through 7/29: An Extra 20% Off Athleta’s Semi Annual Sale


La la la WMTM, la la la ice cream shoes… those are yesterday’s news. I’m a bit delinquent on catching up with Athleta world lately, and this morning an email came through that I simply couldn’t ignore. Their Semi Annual Sale is taking place right now, and this morning they upped the ante so that all sale items are now marked down by an additional 20% through 7/29, no code required.

So yeah. That’s awesome. Here are some of the best steals around.

Best of: Athleta’s Semi Annual Sale

Because of the way Athleta’s site is currently set up, the prices listed below are BEFORE the additional 20% off. That appears to come off once you add an item to your bag. For example, the Excursion Tight is listed as $49.99, but my cart’s subtotal displays $39.99.

So, whatever is listed below – KNOCK ANOTHER 20% OFF!

  • Midtown Skort ($35.99) – black
  • Momentum Skort – LOVE this one. Black and White are both $27.97, I mean, $22 (!!!) and the Beach Plum is $29.97. FWIW, I take a Medium in this one.

Between lulu marking down the Cyprus Pace Rival and Athleta marking down all sorts of skorts (hey look I rhymed), I need to sit on my hands so I don’t spend a bazillion dollars on MORE adorable pieces that I certainly love but don’t need. Wah.

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  1. Does anyone know if Athleta would do a price adjustment? I ordered 2 sale items on Wednesday and it would be great to not have to do the whole buy/return cycle to get the discount.

    1. I once did something like that when I received a 20% off coupon in the mail just a day or two after buying a full price pair of Sculpteks. I brought the jeans with me just in case they needed to do a return/re-buy, but I don’t recall needing them. Worth a call/email/tweet to customer service to ask!

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