Ice Cream + Running Shoes = Brooks Summer Melts

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Two of my favorite things on this earth are ice cream and running shoes. I go through my fair share of both. So, when Brooks teased RAINBOW SPRINKLE SHOES this week on Instagram, I immediately went on the hunt.

Brooks Summer Melts: Ricochet (W) and Ghost 12 (M&W)

The collection is called Brooks Summer Melts, and it launches TODAY, July 25th. While they appeared on Brooks’ social media earlier this week, there hadn’t been any mention of them on their official website until this morning.

Impatient AF, I googled the crap out of them on Tuesday and ordered a pair ASAP. I had success on Zappo’s, and they shipped in time for an arrival scheduled for the release date.

Brooks Summer Melts: Women’s Collection

Women can choose from the Ghost 12 or the Ricochet. The collection features two models inspired by vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, which share the same rainbow sprinkle soles and rainbow gradient laces. The Ghost 12 is a more even off-white color with the fun sole, while the Ricochet features a bronze trim and tan detailing that looks like a waffle cone.


There’s only one Ricochet, but the Ghost 12 also comes in a darker pink Rainbow Sherbet option, with a solid shoe and a pink/orange/white swirled sole.

Brooks Summer Melts W Ghost 12 – Rainbow Sherbet

While I love the pink that reminds me of the solid pink Ghost 8’s that I ran my first half marathon in, I feel like I’d have to explain the rainbow sherbet tie in. Given that they screamed ICE CREAM a bit more loudly, I ordered the Ricochet. Gotta go all in.

Brooks Summer Melts: Men’s Collection

The two Men’s themes are Rocket Pop and Cookies & Cream, both the Ghost 12.

Brooks Summer Melts M Ghost 12 – Cookies & Cream
Brooks Summer Melts M Ghost 12 – Rocket Pop

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  1. Oooooooh I love the soles so much but wish the Ghost upper was brighter. Would love to mash together pink upper and rainbow sprinkle soles.

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