WMTM Alert: 5/16/19 Edition [Updated]

lululemonWMTM Alert

Updated 5/16/19 ~3:00p – Scroll to the blue heading below 🙂

Oh hi it’s Thursday and lululemon’s We Made Too Much has been updated with more goodies. Hooray for us!

  • Free To Be Bra ($39) – surprising to see that this is available in PIPE DREAM BLUE in sizes 0-12. One of my favorite lululemon colors of all time. Other available colors inclue toothpaste, boom juice & amazonite. Bright solid colors FTW!
  • In Movement Tight 25″ Everlux ($69) – New color on the marked down block = Diffuse Starlight Black
  • To The Beat Tight 24″ ($89) – Love these tights and a half  and both grey sage & plum shadow are available in all sizes, 0-14
  • Players Pro Form Polo ($49) – Not the most glam in the bunch, but I feel like at some point this summer it will be hot, I’ll need to look respectable, and $49 is a great price.
  • Call It A Tie Tank ($39) – I’m normally a big tie-in-the-back guy, but I admit this one is cute. Of Black, Star Gaze and Dark Olive, all sizes 2-12 are available in all colors with the minor exception of the size 2 Stargaze. At first look, you don’t realize it does a cute crossback. So, FYI.
  • If You’re Lucky Long Sleeve Tee II ($59) – surprising to see this popular throwback marked down. Yes, even the black is available. Have at it!
  • Track & Train Short 4″ ($39) – Primo summer around the house shorts because phone pocket
  • Pack It Up Jacket ($89) – was super surprised to see INCOGNITO CAMO MULTI GREY (!!!) on WMTM, but nah it’s just size 2. Whomp. Smoky Blush and Black are also marked down in a smattering of sizes.

That’s all the jazz I have time for right now, head on over to this week’s latest and let me know if you scored this week! I’ve got some strategizing to do…

Oh hello! I’m back for more 😀

  • Size 14 – it’s your lucky day that the nocturnal teal Align Pant II is down to $79, and in the same color the All the Right Places Pant II is $89. Size 12’s can also get in on the ATRP markdown. Everyone else, sorry.
  • Everyone wins on the $69 deep marine In Movement Crop – pardon my french but that color is f-cking gorgeous. ALL sizes are available.
  • Can’t go wrong with a midnight navy Baller Hat for $29.
  • Ready, set… OFFICE CLOTHES! The black (yup!) On the Fly Skirt is now just $59. Win.
  • If the hat’s no bueno and you’re a visor girl, the light coral Fast Paced Run Visor is now marked down to $19.
  • I’ve read mixed reviews on the Power Through Bra, so while a marked down price is awesome I can’t personally speak to if it’s a love/hate for me without trying it on.
  • Current color offerings on the Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece:
    • Sheer violet – sizes 2-12
    • Springscape multi – sizes 0-12
    • Heathered Hero Blue/Hero Blue – sizes 2, 4, 6 and 12
    • Heathered Hero Blue (yes, really) & Frosted Rose Multi – sizes 0-4
    • Heathered Space Dyed Vintage Mauve – sizes 2 & 6-12
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  1. I, too, have been eyeing that belt bag since it uploaded, so I snagged it today.

    Didn’t interconnect blue multi just release really recently? I saw it in store last week and really like it. If the Speed Up Shorts hit WMTM, which I’m 99% sure they will, they’ll be mine.

  2. Received my springscape speeds yesterday. Oh how misleading the online photos are making the print look like it has pretty pops of color. It reminded me of agates or geodes or something pretty from my childhood on the lake I couldn’t quite figure out. I loved it since it released but knew it’d go to WMTM. Well in person,It’s not bright or colorful at all. Wondering if that’s why they never put the print in stores. One Boston store had the WUs and they were more colorful on luxtreme but overall disappointed with taking a gamble on the print. If the speeds were pretty I might’ve also purchased the scuba. Did anyone else buy any springscape stuff and feel the disappointment?

  3. I got two things I’ve been waiting to go on sale: ATRP crop in figue and the Breeze LS Squad in cascade blue.

  4. I ordered the Interconnect blue multi 7/8 Fast and Frees from WMTM. Last weekend I visited a store to try on the Every Journey Hoodie. Unfortunately while cute, the hoodie added bulk to the midsection so I didn’t buy it. I saw the Fast and Frees and decided to try them on. I didn’t like the print online, but in person they looked more vibrant and were flattering on… but I didn’t want to pay full price for them. I decided to wait and see if they made it to WMTM. They sure landed there fast… way sooner than I was expecting.

    1. I brought back the interconnect blue multi crops, only to bring home the tights. For some reason I just dig the print more in the longer styles. I’m with you, was totally surprised to see them marked down so soon!

  5. I managed to get black cherry apl’s in my size this morning. I’ve been trying to score a pair of size 9 apl’s off wmtm for months and today was my lucky day! Yay!! I also threw in the floral spritz speed up longs. Can’t have my shoes feeling lonely in the package!

    I may go back for the F&Fs in interconnect blue multi too. Those were so pretty IRL!

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