The Fitting Room: Lululemon’s Interconnect Blue Multi, Lace Wunder Unders & More

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So I went to the store to return the interconnect blue multi Fast & Free Crop IIs that I got 3 weeks ago but still hadn’t detagged. Figured I couldn’t really want them all that bad if they sat in the package for 3 weeks. Read on to see how that worked out.

Last night was REST DAY, which usually translates into a weeknight mall trip to avoid the crowds. Given the returns I had to make, a lululemon trip was inevitable, so why not have some fitting room fun while I was there? This week’s particular batch included:

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II *NRFast & Free Tight II ($89) in interconnect blue multi

In my original 5FD post when this colourway dropped, I admitted I liked the pants better than the crops, but was trying to be reasonable about what I tend to wear. So, I ordered the crops and for some reason didn’t love the look with the shorter length. All my favorite colors are in this print, so I had a tough time trying to figure out why I wasn’t racing to detag and wear them.

Well, this print surprisingly arrived on WMTM on Thursday. Sure enough the tight was marked down and on my local store’s sale rack in my size. So, yes I returned the $118 crops in exchange for the tights I wanted all along, the 7/8 length, saving about $30 in the process. Woooooooo!

Love Crew III ($48) in Modern Stripe Heathered Black White

I don’t think I’ve ever met a horizontal striped shirt I didn’t at least like. This gray/white combo is going to go with essentially everything, and sizing down to a 6 fit me just right. I didn’t necessarily *need* this tee, but I know I’ll wear it a bunch.

All Tied Up TankAll Tied Up Tank ($44) in Modern Stripe Heathered Black White

This sold out pretty fast online, but my local store seemed to have a gamut of sizes in stock. Perhaps they’ve been restocked?

I just checked and size 2 is still the only size available online. If you’re near a lululemon this weekend, pop in. You may have better luck with brick & mortar like I did 🙂

I couldn’t decide between this one and the Love Crew III, so I got both.

Quick Pace Short Sleeve ($68) in Breezy

Breezy is quite the pretty color, but I couldn’t justify the price in my head. I do my best to include my lululemon short-sleeved options in my work wardrobe, and the open back definitely means casual. I’ve got plenty of room in a TTS 8. It’s made of techie UPF fabric, so it’s a nice candidate for keeping you cool(er)-ish on hot days.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25″ Lace ($128) in White

Lululemon does their best to try and make these as opaque as possible. The entirety of the back panel is double-layered, but I was still able to see through without a bend.

On the front, most lace panels are backed with a nude-colored fabric, likely to help reduce the risk of snagging.

As far as sizing goes, I tried on a TTS 10 but they felt small. Much like how Tech Mesh Wunder Unders pull on those seams on the front of the legs when you bend, a combo of double fabric and extra seams made me feel anything but free to move around.

Speed Up Short Long 4″ Updated FitSpeed Up Short *Long Updated Fit ($58) in Black

If you haven’t caught my in-depth look at these shorts and its similar friends earlier this week, click here to catch up. I was excited to see these shorts in my store (heads up, the tag is going to call them a Speed Up Short MR, medium rise). All prepared to pick up another pair, go figure they had EVERY size available except my usual 10.

Given the roomy fit and that I’ve been running a bunch, I tried the 8 on for kicks. They didn’t look or feel all that bad, but there wasn’t going to be much air circulation in there. Figured while I could have made an 8 happen, it’s still a better idea for me to stay true to size.

Early Extension High-Rise Tight 28″ ($118) in Heathered Black/Heathered Titanium/Heathered Silverscreen

Meh. Fabric felt thin like old school luxtreme circa 2013. They looked cool, but not cool enough to make me want to take these 5(0) shades of gray home.

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