Kevlar You Kidding Me?

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Games fever is ramping up, now that we’re less than 6 days away from all the fun! I noticed that the Games site already has a link to shop 2015 Games gear up and active, so I clicked on over to see what colourway this year’s athletes would be decked out in. Out with the yellow, in with traffic cone ORANGE. Orange is my alma mater’s color, so I’m not going to knock it too hard.

Anyway, something caught my eye as a ridiculously expensive sports bra, and this is coming from someone who spends umpteen dollars on lululemon a year. Readers, I present to you, Reebok’s KEVLAR sports bra, which you can take home for a cool $100.

Kevlar1 Kevlar2

It’s got a very original name, too.


I’m not sold on the idea, despite the selling points listed on the store’s page. This bra brags on bonded seams, sweat wicking fabric and panels infused with kevlar to protect against abrasive equipment. How much is everyone assaulting themselves with barbells & ropes to render a $100 bra necessary?

Someone please enlighten me, because I don’t see it. What are everyone’s thoughts on it? I’m definitely curious to get my hands on this next week and see what it feels like.


    1. Gah, seriously! It just doesn’t look like it’s got much stretch at all. What’s the point in that much money if it doesn’t fit like a very flattering and supportive glove?

  1. As a glass blower, I can very much appreciate the concept of a Kevlar bra. Standing in front of a 2000 plus degree furnace brings lots of breast sweat and occasional burning nipples. I’m going to have to try it for myself before I can give a real opinion but the idea is, (in certain industries) absolutely brilliant.

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