5 Faves & a Dud: 5/14/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Another Tuesday closer to summer, yet another Tuesday when it’s been FORTY degrees out for my morning run. My lungs are like “eff yeah look at me I’m well-conditioned BRING IT ON Rock N Roll! My head is praying it will be 42 degrees at 6:15a on June 2nd… in SAN DIEGO. Pigs will be flying before that happens.

It’s weird to think that while 2019’s Seawheeze shorts are starting to arrive on people’s doorsteps this week, I’ve only got one more double-digit long run in me before it’s my big race day of the year.

I won’t post a spoiler in the post in case you’re waiting for your mail to arrive, but CLICK HERE if you haven’t seen the shorts yet and DGAF about the element of surprise.

While I’m upset to miss this year’s race (I’ll be on a month-long work assignment), I’d rather have the RnR Brooks Launch 5 on my feet instead of the Seawheeze 2019 shorts sitting in my closet with the tags on them.

Brooks Running Rock N’ Roll Series Launch 5

Now that I’ve got my requisite run-related ramble (how’s that for alliteration) out of the way, let’s check in on what lululemon’s latest upload has got to offer.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/14/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Free to Be Bra *Wild High Neck ($58)

I apologize if I’ve been a futz and have missed this one if it’s been uploaded a week or two ago. It took me until my third scroll this evening to spot, so I could be slacking.

Anyhow, with all the high neck bra trends we’ve been seeing lululemon churn out in the last year or so, this is my favorite since the black/slate Free to Be Serene *High Neck from last May. I dig the FTBW, but have never been able to wear it to see much action that requires ANY sort of bouncing.

While my chest isn’t abnormally large or small, the FTBW never really provided enough coverage and support for anything more than a run. To the grocery store. Excited to hunt this one down in store and try it on.

Right now it’s available in 3 other colors aside from the usual black & white: Free Spirit Alpine White Black, Oasis Blue/Hydrangea Blue, and Faint Coral.

Favorite #2: Find Your Twist Short Sleeve ($58)

The keyhole and knot detail are far more flattering than anything I can accomplish with a pair of scissors and a hair elastic. Not speaking from experience, not at all.

Side note: 2003 Katy thought she was fashionable with what she was able to do with a 3-pack of Fruit of the Loom Tees from the Men’s Underwear section in Walmart. We all have to start somewhere, I guess.

Favorite #3: Brunswick Muscle Tank ($44) in Modern Stripe Heathered Black White

I need this. How’s that for an explanation? I’m not sure I’ve ever met much of a horizontal stripe that I didn’t like.

Favorite #4: Cool Racerback II ($48) in Hyper Stripe White Black

I admittedly feel like the seam in back could have been done better, I’m sticking with the trend of fave #3 and going gaga over a classic stripe.

Favorite #5: Speed Up Short 2.5″ ($58) in Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green/Black

The camo train just keeps on rolling, and I’m in no place to stop it. (I mean, even if I wanted to… it’s camouflage so I wouldn’t be able to see it coming.)

*audience boos loudly*

These remind me an awful lot of the Manifesto Script Camo Fuel Green Speeds (hello 2014 throwback) so I’ll be passing over this particular color. Still doesn’t stop me from digging the look.

The Kind of Dud

KLEENEX PANTS! I mean… Dance Studio Crop ($88) in white

They’re translucent. Pants are supposed to stop people from seeing what’s underneath. This fabric does not do that, therefore it defeats the purpose of wearing pants. No thanks.

The Other Dud

Renew the Day Short Sleeve ($58) in Canyon Rock

Yup that’s right, it was a tie score this week. I wasn’t a fan of the cold shoulder trend in the late 80’s/early 90’s (I was more of a Nickelodeon girl back then), and I wasn’t a fan when it came back around a year or two ago. Pair it with a boxy shape and funny drawstring and make it go away.

The Super Dud

Fabled Forest Short ($68) in chambray

I said tie score, but I didn’t specify. It’s a THREE WAY (bow chicka wow wowww). Not even going to explain this one. The photos are worth enough words on their own. Let me know the words that are floating around your WTF cloud in the comments. I wanna know.

FWIW, its jacket friend isn’t making much sense to me either. Why is lulu loving sheer rain jackets so much this spring?

WORK IT! I need a glass of water.

Quick, name that song. It should be pretty obvious. I honestly am not sure how I arrived at the reference to Missy Elliott, but it’s Tuesday let’s get crazy and just go with it.

  • So I am officially old. Why? Not just because of the song I just referenced, bu the fact that I’m going bananas over an EXTRA LONG Pace Rival Skirt. Work clothes, people. Summer outdoor work clothes that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in just in case your boss’ boss’ boss’ boss is planning on showing up any time soon. Currently available in black and white.
  • The Align Pant keeps getting longer. New this week? The Align Pant 31″ Inseam. For now, they’re only available in black.
  • I wish the temps outside weren’t do apropos for drooling over the dark red Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece, but here we are. It’s here, it’s a gorgeous color, and looking at the thermometer and the cloudy skies outside, I could get good wear out of it this week.
  • OH LOOK another dark color I want to add into my non-dirt non-sweat showing rotation: the Melanite Fast & Free Crop II.
  • Oh and cue the welcome wagon, the In Flux Jacket is back! Current colors are black, white and Anderson Cooper — I mean — silver fox. Bonus fun fact to justify the price: it’s reversible.
  • I don’t think I’m the right person to pull off the duster look, but maybe I’m wrong. The Rejuvenate Scarf intrigues me.

Wet & Not Too Wild

Speaking of water, this season’s swim began to drop last week, and continued to headline this week’s upload. In addition to the usual black & white suspects, the three colors of the year’s swim line are rather demure but will likely look good with a little bit of a sunkissed glow: Cayenne, Vintage Gold, and Chambray.

I won’t bore you with all the options, click here to jump to the current swim offerings, both new and marked down.

This week, I have the most boring shopping cart ever. I’m digging the Speed Up Short *Long/Updated Fit (check yesterday’s post), and now we’ve got that longer length Pace Rival Skirt to go with it. Both basic. Both black. Both giving me sad puppy dog eyes asking me to bring them to a new home… mine.

Anyone splurge this week?

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  1. I’m loving the lace crops, but not the price! I may get some of the new Speed Up Longs. I liked the Floral Spritz print from last week. I’m eyeballing a new backpack too.

    Those shorts are a shame! They could have worked some lace into a shorts design and made them cute. Those are like hot pants with an inner tube of fabric around them. I imagine it’d be like if you got into a pool of water wearing a Pace Skirt. The skirt part would float all around you and show the liner shorts underneath. Very strange.

    1. The shorts could have done better. If you couldn’t actually see the shorts peeking out from underneath the lacy layer, I imagine tons of women would love the black scalloped edges to sneak into the most comfy summer date night look ever.

      I don’t understand the whole ‘shorts peeking out from underneath on purpose’ thing. Fingers crossed it’s not some trend that’s going to try and rear its oddly-layered head.

  2. LOL – this was entertaining, as usual!

    I love your idea of the XL Pace Rival Skirt as work wear. I missed it upon first scroll and might need to order. I would have immediately snagged the plain-with-no-anniversary-crap Dark Red Scuba a few months ago, but since it’s already 90 degrees in Texas, it makes no sense.

    I swear I saw a new cropped tie-back tank similar to It’s a Tie yesterday, but now I can’t find it. I considered it but reminded myself that I really don’t like Pima pieces. Mine always get stretched out and weird.

    1. I’ve found that some of my stretchier Pima lulu still fades, so I agree with you on being cautious on those.

      I feel like it’s been a few years since the last time I posted about sneaking lululemon into work-appropriate outfits. Is it about that time to be that time for a sequel? Hmmmmmm 🤔

    2. There was a Turn to Tie tank that was uploaded last week. I had it in my shopping cart but it disappeared off the site. I ordered it today. Not sure if I’ll get it though.

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