UPDATE: Lululemon Shutters Stores in Response to COVID-19


3/15/20 Update – North American and European lululemon locations are now CLOSED through at least 3/27/20.

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To our guests,

I am writing to share an update on behalf of all of us at lululemon as we manage COVID-19.

As we all know, the events of the past days and weeks have been unprecedented, and our teams continue to monitor and navigate this rapidly changing situation with the rest of the world.

At lululemon, we care deeply about doing what we can to keep our people and communities well—we are grounded in this intention, which makes difficult choices a little easier to make.

To help our people and communities through this difficult time, we will limit the hours of operation for lululemon stores in North America, beginning on Monday, March 16. We’ll be open from 12pm to 6pm each day to serve our guests.

Taking care of our people is incredibly important to all of us at lululemon, and I want you to know that our employees will receive pay for all hours they have been scheduled to work. We also have a Global Relief Pay plan in place to help anyone among us who is battling this virus, needs time to self-quarantine, or finds their lives disrupted during this unusual time in our lives.

Effective immediately, we will also suspend store-based events and gatherings, such as yoga classes and run clubs. In case you don’t feel comfortable shopping in stores, our website and mobile app remain fully available.

Please take care of yourself and your family, and we will come out of this stronger than ever, together.

Celeste Burgoyne
EVP Americas + Global Guest Innovation


  1. Since then they’ve actually closed all stores in N America and Europe. I think beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the right thing to do, and I believe I read that LLL will be paying employees normally. Good for them! Shows they value their employees & the communities.
    If a business is in the position to do this, they should close. No one needs to be buying athletic wear same day… surely ordering online will suffice. In order to slow this virus down we all need to do our part and STAY HOME. If you don’t care if you get sick, fine. But at least have the decency to care about others who may not be as healthy as you.

  2. No this is not true the distribution centers are still running 100%. It was stated in Calvin’s letter that the DC will operate on reduced hours. When in work today we are told by the DC managers that this is not the case and the statement Calvin made was false.

    We were also told that only way to get paid if you stay home is to prove you are sick.

    We are in a DC with 100s of people. They are still even allowing international travellers to come in the buildings and not go into self isolation….this is a pure disregard for every employees health and safety in the building.

    Shame on you Lululemon….We all see the true side. With the mask removed

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