The Fitting Room: Dark Olive & Such


When you have half a Tuesday to kill in Minneapolis and it’s rainy outside, what do you do? Hop on the light rail and see what the big fuss over the Mall of America is all about.

Lululemon Athletica // Mall of America – Bloomington, MN

Spoiler alert: It’s just a ginormously average mall. At least it was easy to get to/from and there was no sales tax. So there’s that. Figured since it was such a huge location, lulu had to have tons of items in stock, and I would be silly not to see what I could find.

I took 7 items into the fitting room, and accidentally stuck with one color family that day. Lots of black, gray, dark olive, and essentially nothing else:

Note: All tops shown are a TTS 8, bottoms are a 10 unless otherwise noted.

The Fitting Room: Dark Olive & Such

Dance Studio Jogger ($98) in Dark Olive

I’m super finicky when it comes to joggers. Because they’re meant to be loose, sometimes they just don’t sit right on me, so I was cautious on bringing these into the fitting room. I see models in joggers, think they look badass and I will too… and then I don’t.

This time, the “in my head” and “in real life” versions ACTUALLY ALIGNED and so even though I was doing an overnight with just my backpack, I was too impatient to order online and made space to make sure they came home with me. <3

Aerial Silk Tank ($39/WMTM) in Black/White

This tank sold out in an 8 within a few days of dropping, because I actually went to order it not even a week after its upload date and missed out. To my surprise, it was on the rack at MoA and is now available on WMTM. They must have burned through the first shipment quickly, and then the replenishment didn’t fly.

To be honest, I’m okay with having missed out. I thought the tank was going to be lighter like a Swiftly, but it’s heavier – I’m talking polo shirt territory. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t fall in love either. I did like the way it fit, though.

Swiftly Breeze Tank ($58) in Dark Olive

I really liked this tank, but felt like there was still a bit of extra room in the pits. If my local store has them in stock, I may go back and see what a size 6 feels like.

Crescent Tank ($48) in Heathered Vapor

I feel like shorter women win with this style, because your belly button is hidden by your high-waisted pants – meanwhile it’s totally on display. It’s definitely not a ‘normal’ look for me, but I have to say, I kinda sorta dig the look… if I just splurge on the super mega ultra stratoshperically high rise tights. Or a catsuit.

On the Right Track Pant ($118) in Dark Olive/Black

When I was a young girl, Sporty Spice was obviously my favorite Spice Girl. Given the reemergence of track pants this season, I had to give them a go. They FEEL better than they look. The fabric has a nice weighty quality to it, so they don’t feel cheap. But, I’d be lying if I said this was my best look (despite what 1998 Katy insists).

Run Crew Tight ($79/WMTM) in Dark Olive/Obsidian/Grey Sage

I’m not sure if it’s all the stitching in the detail, but these TTS 10’s felt more like an 8 to me. The shadows in the fitting room were unkind.

Wanderer Crop ($88) in Black

I can’t make them work. I tried, but as you can see… the Katy who wanders is lost. In these pants.

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    1. I’m in a TTS 10, and I’d say they are roomy, but not too baggy. A few years ago I went down to an 8 in the Dance Studio Crop (the 2014 edition), but I feel comfortable in a 10 in this year’s Jogger release.

  1. Loving all your posts. You’re now my #1 destination for all things activewear. Thank you! 🙂

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