WMTM Alert: 5/2/19 Edition (Part II)

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Time. For. MOAR!

WMTM Alert: 5/2/19 Edition (Part II)

  • While I fell for the Dance Studio Jogger, the extremely popular Align Jogger surprisingly finds itself on WMTM in french clay (sizes 2, 8, 10, 12) & dark adobe (2 & 4 only)
  • Sizes 10 & 12 can make a $29 score in the Palm Court Love Tank *Pleated
  • I kind of want to take a chance on the Short Serve Stripe Heathered Black White/White Love Crew III – I *think* the white cap sleeves will look cute?
  • Some of you didn’t love but I dug the In Movement Tight *Blocked when it came out. I feel like if I ended up in a fitting room with these, I run a high risk of owning them shortly ever after.
  • Feeling sassy? Plunk down $49 for the Full of Grace Long Sleeve. I kinda of want to.
  • Sizes 10 & 12 luck out with the Moment to Movement 2-in-1 Tank marked down to $34
  • I must have been under a rock when the Photo Finish Skirt came out, and now only size 2’s get to live the gorgeous enchanted purple dream while the rest of us miss out.
  • The model looks so impossibly happy in the photo, I can’t help but want a Rise & Shine Jacket III for myself. Black is only available in a 2, white is available in 10 and 12.
  • The Line Up Crop Tank is showing sold out in all sizes, but I’m just sharing it here because homegirl is goals in how she makes that simple outfit look.
  • Alright, Take it Further Tank. High neck, I dig it. Asym in the back, I dig it. Color? My shovel isn’t working. $29 price point? I dig it.
  • The only Chase Me Crops I have indeed chased down to get… because SEAWHEEZE. For those of you who dig the design without the wacky colors, whirlpool/jaded is marked down to $89.
  • The prospect of air conditioning in the Fully Flexed 2-in-1 Tank appeals to me, but unfortunately it isn’t available in my size. Boooooooo. 2, 10, 12 you win.
  • C/D cup ladies, the Rally Your Heart Tank is here to support you. Literally. Mediumly.

Oldies But Goodies

If you scroll down the rabbit hole, looks like a few items are still kicking around the warehouse and up for grabs to a new home:

Sadly the breaker blue Circuit Breaker Skirt II was just a phantom upload. Silly lululemon app playing tricks with my head.

Not going to lie, my brain is starting to turn into a pool of mush at this point. The WMTM bench is DEEP right now, so head on over and find yourself a piece of marked down greatness. 👑

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  1. I picked up a navy and a pink swiftly henley, in a size up (thanks for the fit review 😊).

    A few weeks ago, I picked up the warm two ways bomber jacket in copper coil. In pieces like that, the color works very well. In tights, shorts, skirts, tanks, or pretty much anything that lays right next to your skin, it’s a total don’t.

    1. You’re welcome for the review, and you make an excellent point re: layering.

      As a rule of thumb I stay away from tones like that in general, because even against darker clothes, my lighter hair just makes me look like a hot dog if I wear much of anything in a skin-toned color 😂🌭

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