Lululemon Practice: ATX, You’re Next


I should have mentioned this earlier this week when I saw it first, egg on my face. I was too preoccupied with guacamole & margaritas (valid excuse, IMHO). Denver was the first US city to see Lululemon Practice, lulu’s new paid loyalty program, and the next city on the list is… Austin, TX!

Ooohhh I live in Austin! What’s in it For Me?

If you who haven’t heard much about Lululemon Practice, don’t feel like you’ve been under a rock. It’s been a slow roll-out into key markets, and Austin is only the second city in the US to introduce the very community-based program. The program is more than customized pants. For the $148 cost of membership, it includes…

  • Welcome Kit & Limited-Edition Gear – For women, it’s a special edition pair of the Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25″, men receive a pair of T.H.E. Short Linerless 9″ and a pair of A.I.M Boxers

  • Monthly Sweat Classes – One free class a month at a featured local studio

  • Personal Development Content – What’s lululemon without a little mindfulness? Think recorded meditations, journaling exercises, and goal-setting. Things we should all probably do more often.

  • Exclusive Austin Event – A ‘unique lululemon-curated event, where you’ll connect with your community and get your sweat on’. This description is a bit vague, but Austin is fun, so this will likely be fun too.

  • Birthday Gift – 20% off your in-store purchase on your own personal cake day!

  • Early Shopping Access – Receive early online access to shop select product launches, capsules and collaborations

  • Free Express Shipping – Think Prime, but for lulu.

Is Lululemon Practice Worth It?

Let’s do some math on it right quick.

Lululemon Practice Membership Fee
Special Edition Wunder Under Pant
Say you spent $128 on your birthday. 20% discount is…
12 Fitness Class Drop-In Fees (approx $20/ea)
Free Fast Shipping (3 online orders/yr)
Lululemon’s Now in the Hole

Without even incorporating the cost of compiling and providing personal development content and the cost of the exclusive event… the long and the short of it is yes, the program appears to be worth it. Seems like a no-brainer that you’re essentially making your investment back twofold.

Ready to Join?

If you’re an ATX local and are having trouble finding Practice Info on the website (it requires a little digging), follow these links to secure your spot in the program:

> 2019 Lululemon Practice ATX Membership: Women / Men <

If I lived in a big city (and not super suburbia), I’d be all over this membership like white on rice.

The Fine Print

You can read it all here, but here’s the gist of it:

  • The registered address on your lululemon account has to be within the Program Market, in this case, Austin.
  • Your Sweat Collective discount does NOT apply to the membership fee. You’ve gotta pay full price like the rest of us 😜
  • Membership is limited, so if you’re interested, act fast to ensure you’re in. I do not know how many spots it’s limited to, but given the value of the perks, I can’t imagine it’s too high.
  • Membership is for one year following the date of enrollment, and will NOT auto-renew.
  • You are not guaranteed access for any particular class session or event without signing up in advance.
  • Happy Birthday: You get a one-time discount of 20% off the retail price of products purchased in lululemon stores within 7 days before or after your birthday. Discount is single use only, limit of ten lululemon items and ten ivivva items where applicable. Discount is not available online, in outlet stores or through third parties and does not apply to purchase of gift cards, gift sets, APL, yoga, meditation or fitness kits. Discount is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or discounts.
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