lululemon’s Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoe + Winter Edition Footwear Has Arrived

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Happy Mean Girls Day! Aaron Samuels wants to know two things:

  1. What day is it?
  2. Where’d you get those shoes?

We low key knew this latest shoe drop was coming on October 3rd, and I didn’t think anything of it until this afternoon when I thought “hey, self… it’s not Tuesday.” Having checked the website earlier today and not seeing any sign of shoes, I was pleasantly surprised as I checked once more as my brain started to wander from the countless tabs I had open on my work computer.

Get in, loser – we’re going shoe shopping!

Meet the Roster: lululemon Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoe

Tea Rose/Pale Raspberry/Orange Frappe

This colorway has me riding the fence between “tough but cute stuff” and “chewed up wad of bubblegum”. Which side are you on?

Vapor/Faded Zap/Faded Zap

May or may not be Buzz Lightyear in shoe form. To infinity and beyond!

Lemon Sorbet/Light Ivory/Maldives Green

With the pop of green and the old school gum sole… two words. Country club.

White/Light Vapor/White

One day I wish to have the confidence of a woman who would willingly wear these into a dirty CrossFit gym.

Anchor/Vapor/Light Vapor

Gray? Brown? Hershey bar? Kinda purple? I’ve looked at these shoes on three different screens, and they appear to be three different colors. So. That’s fun.

Black/Graphite Grey/White

Ol’ reliable.

Not only did lululemon hit us with the new Strongfeel Training Shoe in 6 different colors, we also got few other surprises:

New Colors

New Features

We got two “winter” edition shoes… so what does that mean? Elsa sings when you open the box. Do ice jets come out of the heels when you jump rope? Are they fleece lined? None of the above. However, they feature a big selling point for me: water resistance!

That’s enough for me to give them a try for work shoes this fall. Once I noticed the iridescent oil slick detail on the Chargefeel Low, add to cart. Happy Birthday to me!

If you were anticipating the Strongfeels and are underwhelmedfeel (ha!) right now, we are anticipating more footwear colors to drop on October 18th.

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  1. Part of me is relieved that they don’t make these in my shoe size (12) due to the price and I would be afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop at one pair!

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