WMTM Alert: 3/1/19 Edition [Updated]

lululemonWMTM Alert

It’s been a hot minute, but some fun stuff kicking around in lululemon’s We Made Too Much that maybe you should know about before it says goodbye forever!

The main draw is that last week the SoulCycle collab hit WMTM, and there are still some goodies left. I did a big Fitting Room session with lulu and this collection last month, click here to refresh your mind on how some of the available pieces fit 🙂

WMTM Alert: 3/1/19 Edition

  • I already pounced on the ruby red Ride & Reflect Bra – I loved it when I first tried it on, and couldn’t stop thinking about it for the past month. $44 later, it’s mine. Other colors include cameo (10,12 only), adobe dust (8, 10, 12 only) and black (all sizes except 2). Ruby red is the best color, and all sizes are available, so… everybody wins.
  • Oh and the tights shown above? They’re amazing. The reflective version is gone (except for size 2 adobe dust, $119), but the solid purple taupe To the Beat Tight is available in all sizes for $99.
  • FWIW, if you want to go the Everlux route, the dark shadow In Movement 7/8 Tight is marked down to $69 and it’s a very similar design to the To the Beats.
  • Other SoulCycle goodies include:
  • The iris flower Cool Racerback needs to find a home in everyone’s closet.
  • All winter long, I’ve been wishing I had a short black puffer for casual to and from, and suddenly I realize the Glyde Scuba Hoodie II has been sitting under my nose the entire time. IN MY SIZE. Boysenberry, you cute too.
  • Given all the SeaWheeze FOMO I’m currently experiencing, there’s this ONE pair of Fast & Free Full Length Tights  that look juuust like one of the few items that I was not able to score in the Showcase store, no matter how many trolling laps I did. Night Garden Ice Grey Black got me thinking about a ‘consolation prize’.
  • I feel like I could rock the Mesh In Motion Racerback on long runs this spring. For $29, it may be worth the fashion experiment. We don’t buy fun colored sports bras to hide them, now do we?
  • So, I didn’t like the Reveal Tight En Avante online. But, no less than 3x I’ve seen women walk by rocking them IRL and they’ve been head-turning every time. For $79 and all 3 colors (black included) available in all sizes – may be time to treat yo self to some aesthetically air conditioned tights.
  • I have been patiently waiting for ages for the black cherry APL TechLoom Breeze to get marked down. Getting knocked down to $139 from $200 is a start. It’s now time to play the game of chicken to see if they’ll get marked down any more, or if they’ll sell out and my purple shoe dream is dead. While pricey, APL are some of the most comfortable all-day sneakers I’ve ever worn… and I’ve owned a lot of sneakers.
  • The fatigue green TechLoom Phantoms are lovely, but unless you’ve got extremely tiny or large feet, fuggedaboutit 🙁
  • So this striped To the Point Long Sleeve. This is one of those pieces that I’ve tried on before, talked myself out of the full-price purchase, but said if it goes on sale it’s mine. I’m bummed I didn’t see this until AFTER I placed my Ride & Reflect order, even though my wallet’s $49 happier about it.
  • Lunar New Year has come and gone, and now that the confetti has settled, the discounts are here:
  • Whatever color you think Lazurite is (I’m team purple, still) the Zip-Front Enlite Bra is close to half off.
  • Half marathon training is starting soon, and spring is nowhere in sight. A Swiftly Speed Turtleneck is probably not a bad idea. Violet red you’re looking awfully warm and happy 🙂
  • Same idea goes for the Rest Less Mock Neck Brisk Running 1/2 Zip. Would eliminate my constant frenzy of trying to find a neck warmer in the laundry pile.
  • What else is violet red, cozy AF and 50% off? The Stamped With Love Scarf.
  • Violet red, again – why isn’t anyone pouncing on this color? The Free to Be Bra *High Neck is marked down to $39 and all sizes but 12 are available.
  • Sizes 0 & 2 are lucky ducks, because the Down For it All Vest in both black and navy is marked down to $119, and a cute lulu vest is a winter staple that EVERYONE needs. NEEDS.
  • 2’s and 4’s, the garnet Toasty Tech Tight II is down to $79. Just sayin’.
  • This black cherry Forever Warm Jacket is looking for a forever home. Your closet? My closet?
  • Lastly, before I step away from the laptop b/c lunch break is over – it took TONS of willpower for me not to buy a City Sleek Hoodie when I tried it on. Judging by the fact that all sizes but 2 and 4 are gone, I’m not the only one in love.


Alrighty now, it’s the weeekeeeennnddddd! Meaning, its Friday night and I’m eating pizza on my couch while watching gymnastics on TV. Oh, and blogging. Because I ran out of time this afternoon. Here’s what else we’ve got going on.

Whew. I’m done now. For real. 🙂

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  1. I’m tempted by some of the violet red stuff. Has anyone seen the color IRL? Sometimes, the photos make it look more pinkish. Sometimes, they are a deeper red color. I wish colors were more consistent across the website.

    1. I tried on a pair of violet red Fast & Frees in store (on markdown). They were basically hot pink, so I passed.

  2. Lots of options for sure…. and it’s always nice to get a mark down 👍🙂. I can’t believe the Toasty Tech tights are still available in any sizes.
    I bought both the garnet and cyber purple on WMTM quite awhile ago. I’ve worn them a ton and absolutely love them. I can’t figure out why they aren’t selling.

  3. I bought the black cherry APLs on WMTM and they aren’t as comfortable as my others, just FYI. Can’t imagine being on my feet all day in them. If not for final sale they’d be going back.

  4. Not sure if you mentioned it before but the wool blend swiftlys in two colors are on WMTM. LOVE these. Much softer than regular swiftlys and more forgiving in the arms. a bit shorter which I don’t like as much but they are very cozy.

  5. I was waiting for the brisk running half zip (cocoa pique color) to go on sale. I thought it would look really bad ass paired with my silver shorts from December. (sorry don’t remember color name but you know which ones I mean.) Unfortunately only the white top made it to sale and white is just not a practical color for me.

  6. Did you have dye transference issues with ruby red bra? I bought violet red long line energy bra on WMTM last month, after 3-4 washing I noticed pink dye transferring onto my white tank and gym towel during a workout 🙁

    1. Hi Lisa! It came right before I headed out on the road so I haven’t detagged and worn it yet. I’ll let you know if I have any issues! I haven’t had any problems with flamenco red, true red or flaming tomato in the past.

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