Photos: Lululemon Serene Saturday LS & Channel Your Energy Tight


So Lululemon did this fun thing recently where I shot some photos for a piece I’d picked up (the Channel Your Energy Tight), only for them to sell out THE NEXT DAY as I was getting ready to post the photos. Drats and a half.

Well, I also shot the Serene Saturday Long Sleeve at the same time, so while the photos for the tights are for totally irrelevant show, it’s worth nothing that the Serene Saturday is a dream of a top that I honestly didn’t love on the models online, but I totally dig on myself. The tags said there is silk in this fabric, and I’m 100% here for it.

There aren’t really many formal “review” -ish notes I can give, it’s a true-to-size crew neck fit that can be worn on the couch or on date night, and you’ll fit in no matter where you are.

Photos: Lululemon Serene Saturday LS

EDIT: Everything in this post, both the shirt and tights are BLACK. The lighting was no bueno, so I had to over-expose some of the images so the details on the gear would come through. I’m 5’9′, top is a TTS 8 and tights are a TTS 10.

Room in front nicely hides when the button on your jeans does the thing when it sticks out and ruins the flat abs thing. Also could hide a baby (food or human).

Obviously passes the “I wanna be a ballerina” test. Really, though. Wear it to barre.

It’s not too long in back, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in too much shirt, with the extra fabric details in front. Keeps the look nice and balanced.

Photos: Lululemon Channel Your Energy Tight

And now, time for the gratuitous photos of the tights that I honestly didn’t give much thought to when they came out. I tried them on for ha-ha’s and the rest was luxtreme history.

Yeah, I know… I went hard on the vignetting on this edit. I do apologize for being 24 hours too slow on the “post” button. When I shot the photos, the tights were still in stock, I swear. 🙁

So, in case you see a rogue pair in your local store, they do nice things.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing about colors only in regard to the shirt. I love that color blue but couldn’t find it on the website. Then you said the tights are actually black so that means the shirt probably is too. Sucks cause I love that blue shirt…I would totally buy it! Lol!!! BTW, I enjoy all your posts. Thanks!

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