5 Faves & a Dud: Romp & Whomp

5 Faves & a DudAthletalululemon

So an email came into my inbox this morning that I was pretty excited about. Athleta’s got game when it comes to the whole travel/work realm. The subject line?

Take your 9-5 up a level.

Don’t mind if I do. I scrolled, and the first 3 pieces featured, ok. On the 4th image, there it was staring me in the face at 7:30 over my morning coffee. What I thought would be this week’s Dud. Then, lululemon did the Tuesday thing, and, well… they’ve got some candidates too.

Speaking of Duds… can any Bachelor watchers out there agree that the fence jump was weird? I mean, this season in general, it’s been kind of strange. For someone who’s supposed to have women absolutely clamoring for him, an awful lot of them have walked out on their own before he could even dramatically withhold said rose. ABC should consider renaming the show “Sugar Bear: the Prequel”.

I just read that introduction back and it kind of sucks. The view from Sun Valley yesterday didn’t suck at all, so like a true Libra I’m going say it’s even.

Halfway through figuring out that I can do the steep stuff without epic failing after all

So, I’mma shut up now and talk about the cute clothes. Then I’m going to grab some wine and hope I don’t fall asleep before the Women Tell All starts 80 minutes from now. Wish me luck.

5 Faves & a Dud: Romp & Whomp

From top, L-R:

  • Lululemon Always Effortless Jacket ($128) in frontier – I’ve been digging the black & tan look in recent months, so as the weather warms up (ok so IF it warms up, ever) this jacket looks like a versatile piece that’s going to match both your black stuff and your brown stuff.
  • Lululemon Zoned In Tight ($148) in plum shadow – Wooooo! I love these tights. Have I mentioned lately that I love these tights? Cause I love them. And now, they come in a secret purple.
  • Lululemon City Core Tight ($128) in black – I know, I can only wear one pair of tights at once, but I really like the vibe they’re giving off. They’re made of Nulux (one of lululemon’s not-so-sheer options), and I’m already envisioning a bunch of non-gym places I could wear these.
  • Lululemon In Movement 7/8 Tight ($98) in star ruby – Ever since those SoulCycle crops, I am digging Everlux for sweaty indoor workouts while I wait for the ice to melt outside. While brighter reds & pinks are historically sheer, I’ve got high hopes for star ruby.
  • Athleta Hillside Romper ($128) – THIS. This is the type of romper I’ve been waiting for. The Athleta romper that I own has a more open back, so if I’m in an Energy Bra you’re going to see it. If I wear a normal bra the straps fall down. This season’s romper fixes that problem! It’s got a crew neck and a full zip in back, and all of my summer ‘dressy but comfy’ prayers have been answered.

The Dud

THREE-WAY TIE: Athleta Luxe Gramercy Track Trouser & Lululemon’s new prints, Graffiti Pop Antoinette True Navy and Dappled Daze Multi

First, Athleta. NO ONE should be spending $108 on replicas of generic tearaway basketball pants from 1997. Seriously. Dig through your brother’s old sports stuff from high school. You’ll probably find something similar.

Now lululemon, you’re not getting off scot-free this week either. Baby pink graffiti with navy blue? I expect this type of thing out of VS PINK, and yes you know that navy ink is gonna fuzz after its first wash.

The other one leaves me in a little bit of a dappled daze, I have no idea what I’m looking at. All I know is that I don’t want to wear it.

Hold On I’ve Still Got Opinions

This week’s lululemon upload is kind of big, so while I’m fan-girling over the 4 pieces above in particular, I still have some things to say about some other thing.

  • I want to love the dark red fullux Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pant, I just can’t see how they won’t be sheer.
  • Super wet gross mushy spring is coming, and if you’re looking to up your rain jacket game, the Rain Rebel Jacket has got you covered, literally. My long rain jacket from 2014 remains one of my most worn lululemon items ever, and I’m not retiring it any time soon.
  • I once read that the Wunder Under Crop II (Special Edition) Luon Scallop was the most pinned yoga pants-ish thing on Pinterest. Well, if you like them but also like dirt/spilling on yourself, now they come in black 🙂
  • One more incognito camo gator green latecomer to the party, in case you haven’t bought all the rest of them: the Wunder Under Hi-Rise 1/2 Tight
  • Lazurite already made me lose my damn mind. Now, I see a new Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve and think “oooh that’s an adorable pastel lavender” and lululemon is calling it “serene blue” … BLUE. DO I NEED TO GET MY EYES CHECKED OR WHAT?!
  • Late in the summer last year, I really started to get into my two Circuit Breaker skirts. I want to add more to the arsenal this year, and the Play Off the Pleats Skirt will be a contender if it eventually comes in a Tall version.
  • I still haven’t made it beyond the fitting room with any of lululemon’s attempt at every day lingerie. I feel like the Ever Essentials Bralette may be a decent place to start, for those weird few hours post-workout and shower and before bed.
  • The newest Speed Up Shorts were all the way down at the bottom of the page towards the random things like socks, skivvies & scrunchies. CAN WE FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE REDESIGN WAS A FLOP ALREADY.
  • I don’t care how cashmere it is, the lululemon lab Still Tank is $108. NO TANK TOP SHOULD BE $108. You can get a full pair of Athleta gym pants for that.

Grab the Flamingo Floatie

Last year’s swimwear is doing a back float over in WMTM, because this year’s news is here! Seems like the styles are fairly simple, but I’m totally okay with it.

  • The See the Sea Swim Top is embracing the high neck trend, which I am here for. The straps on the back also adjust in case you want to mix up the aesthetic.
  • I love me a good paddle suit, so I splurged on one a few years ago. I love it, there’s no reason to replace it, so I’ll be sitting out this round. However, if long sleeved zippy durable swim stuff is your jam, you may appreciate the Beach Break Paddle Suit (below left) or the Will the Wave One Piece Paddle Suit (below right)
  • I took a few minutes of looking at it while shoving a slice of pizza down the hatch (yay vacation) to realize the Coastline One Piece is covertly adjustable so that it can fit women with varying chest sizes. Hooray!
  • There are two ways to wear the Tied to Tide Swim Top. Choose the wrong one and we may no longer be friends #saynotothebow
  • I have a few swim tops I won’t wear if there’s a breeze. The Deep Sea Swim Top features a T-back and BUILT IN CUPS so now I want it.
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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the Athleta jumpsuit try-on. I went to my local store to try it on, and sadly left without it (but I did purchase the white jacket shown with it.) I have last year’s version and know what you mean about the straps falling off your shoulder. Really wanted to love this year’s version, but it doesn’t work for my build.

    1. Going to do my best to get to the mall this weekend! I’m hoping they have one I can try, I’m already picturing how great I think I’ll look in my head.

  2. 1. The dappled print reminds me of a bad couch fabric – somebody must like these faded florals because they sure are making alot of them. I haven’t liked any of this type of pattern this year.
    2. Yes, admit new speed shorts are a flop and go back to classic – I’m running out of ebay/poshmark speed shorts to buy
    3. Colors are all over the place – there are lots of “almost-the-same-colors” – throwbacks – I saw Pelt in the store this week and the colors don’t all come out at the same time but dribble in over weeks/months. You never know if the pant/top/bra style you really love will ever come in the color/print you like. Just when you give up there it is but now you can’t get anything to coordinate since it all went to WMTM weeks past.
    4. Bachelor is my guilty pleasure and the fence jump is notable for me on the elegance of the bounding – but seriously did Colton not see Cassie’s ambivalence? Women tell all was amusing if only for it’s level of “scripted” fights.

    That’s all!

    1. 1) Agree
      2) I now regret selling some of my older Speeds for this reason
      3) So. Much. Blush. Ew.
      4) My bet is that the Audio guy was given instructions to open up every girl’s mic to make it sound so chaotic. That was the most petty group by far. IMHO the cast has gotten too young. If you can’t rent a car without a young driver charge, you shouldn’t be eligible for the show 😂

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