5 Faves & a Dud: Frickin’ Laser Beams

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Holy crap, ladies. I did something tonight that I haven’t done in ages…


That’s some 2015 Katy behavior right there. Why?


That’s right. Katy saw a space-looking electric intergalactic technology-themed something and said “I want dis.” So I bought it.

5 Faves & a Dud: Frickin’ Laser Beams

Favorite #1: Speed Wunder Tight ($128) in electrobeam multi

So they may not be everyone’s cup of tea… but sometimes you just want to wear the running tights equivalent of a LARGE VAT OF ESPRESSO. My tranquil blue Swiftly LS should look dashing with them. I’ll let you know when they arrive on my doorstep. 😉

Favorite #2: Energy Bra Nulux ($52) in electrobeam energy bra multi

Yeah… I got this one too.

CAMEO Favorite #3: NoBull Cyber Monday Collection Linear Trainers ($159)

NoBull made a big ol’ to do on the gram about Black Friday, advertising a 100% black limited edition collection. What they failed to mention until Saturday morning was THE FACT THAT THEY HAD A KICKASS CYBER MONDAY COLLECTION AND IT LOOKS LIKE THIS. I am having trouble resisting the purple ones, and the blue comes in a close second. I did a little damage this weekend with Sorel (got those plaid boots, finally!), so I’m trying to tell myself I don’t need even MORE footwear.

Acute Kit 5L ($28) in light speed gold/black

If only this small pack could enable all of my travels to go through hyperspace. Efficiency, man. Alas, I’ll sit here and simply eyeball another snazzy-looking pouch for my collection.

Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Ombre Melange ($128) in ombre space dye black deep coal

Unsure if the shine is supposed to be there… but I miss space dye as a whole, and am glad to see a little bit of it sneaking back into the mix.

The Dog Bed — I Mean — Dud: Meditation Kit ($168)

Lulu seems to be getting a bit adventurous in the gift department, offering more than just clothing and accessories this holiday season. They say meditation cushion, I say dog and/or cat bed. It comes with a candle, and a notebook. So you can write how comfortable your fancy-schmancy cushion is while you try not to tip the candle over and light the place on fire.

Duly Noted

As I mentioned before, I channeled 2015 me and excitedly placed an order tonight, for the technobeam Speed Wunders and Energy Bra. Fingers crossed for good pattern placement!

There seem be some bright spots on the upload page, among the usual dark and dreary. Anyone else notice anything they may actually ask for for the upcoming holidays?

Side note: I told Alexa to play me some 90’s music on Spotify, and somehow she started spinning some 90’s/early 00’s techno house dance music that has been a 100% revival of my techno phase in college. This is especially ERIE (Syracuse pun intended) because I just spent a few days on campus for a quick family & work trip for the first time in years.



  1. I think the pattern placement on the Speed Wunder Tights is the same for all pairs! And I think the Energy Bra too. So what you see is what you get 🙂

  2. I’m so excited you got those tights – my boyfriend said they were too weird but I bet you’re gonna rock them! I just returned the embroidered To You tunic – the head hole was TINY and the embroidery felt cheap and scratchy. No lulu for me in a while now… which is weird.

  3. Those tights are pretty!! I saw them in store last weekend and I was tempted. I’m hoping for some gift cards for my birthday, then they will be mine! I’ve seen a few try-on pics of those tights with navy or black sweaters, and dark colored boots. It was a cute look for casual wear.

    I’m patiently waiting to see the dark silver metallic tights. Those look fun too.

    1. I forgot to add– I have those ombre melange ones from last year. They do have a bit of a sheen to them, mostly when stretched, but mine aren’t as shiny as the online pics. They are a nice thick luon though.

  4. Saw the tights in store yesterday and they looked less vibrant than expected. I was too lazy to try them on because I was on the way to a yoga class. It meant I would have to change in and out of skinny jeans and tights twice in the span of 10 minutes. The struggle was real.

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