5 Faves & a Dud: 2/26/19 Edition

5 Faves & a DudAthletalululemon

“HONEY, I’M HOME!”, I say to nobody as I walk into my house a full two days after I was supposed to get home. Buffalo, why you gotta be so windy? Hurricane level gusts, ice tsunamis, you know. It’s not all bad, though. Mother Nature got me two extra days to hang out with my sister and watch my nieces learn to ski and make snarky comments at The Bachelor for two straight hour last night. So, even though I lost the flight lottery, I kind of won. Here’s hoping the bad flight juju is over for a bit and next week’s plans stay intact!

This week is the last week of the month, meaning lululemon’s upload usually puts us to sleep. This week didn’t deviate from the norm, so I found myself tabbing over to Athleta to check on their news. What did I find? Not just camo, but a new Stripe Contender that is guaranteed to catch any old-school lulu lover’s attention.

Read on. 🙂

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/26/19 Edition

From top, L-R:

  • Round Trip Jacket ($118) in pelt – my obsession with eggplant (the color, not the vegetable) continues
  • Stripe Contender 7/8 Tight ($89) in navy/high teal – If you are longing for the 2013 inkwell/green bean vibes… haul it straight to Athleta, find a pair of these and kindly tell them to shut up and take your money. Or order them right frickin’ now.
  • Camo Contender 7/8 Tight ($89) in black olive – Another pair of contenders? Yeah. In a totally functional green camo print? Yes. Am I thisclose to ordering:? Definitely. Half marathon training starts soon and I could (not at all) use a new outfit to kickstart my mojo.
  • Action Skort ($69) in black – Skirt. Side pockets. It’s still winter, but I fear that a staple like this will be gone in my size by the time it’s actually warm enough out, so maybe I should do a little proactive stocking up.
  • Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($78) in white/white/black – it’s a classic <3

The Dud

On the Beat Belt Bag ($58) in grey sage


I am not opposed to belt bags, in fact, I think they’re kind of great. I am, however, opposed to walking around in public wearing a spinach croissant-looking belt bag. If/when the warehouse sale gets resurrected, I see a bin of these in the corner.

Back to the cute stuff though

I really, really, REALLY DO NOT need to be buying new clothes right now. My wardrobe is enough to make Marie Kondo’s skirt spin, but there is just no way I can NOT pick up those navy/teal beauties. Oh, and if the sailor vibe isn’t your jam, they are also available in black/white now too. GAHHHHHH.

Anyone else going to pounce on them?

All stock images courtesy of lululemon athletica & athleta

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      1. i LOVE the way these stripes look on you and the model, but I tried Lululemon ones in B&W and I just felt weird with stripes, it reminded me of Wizard of Oz I felt like the wicked witch of the west. I think I’m just too old. 🙂 They are so cute would love to try but was such a bust with LLL that I am not sure how these would look. Can you model them when you get them would love to see them on you. What ware you going to match them with as far as other colors?

      2. My goal is to find a pair at the mall this weekend, fingers crossed! Right now off the top of my head these will go with Pipe Dream & Boom Juice quite nicely – I may even go crazy and throw some grapefruit in the mix

  1. I’m looking to get the black/white contenders – I have the black/white stripe elevations on right now! Big fan of solid tops and crazy bottoms i have only a handful of solid pants and I rarely reach for them.

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